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Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology and Antropology at Westminster College

For Sociology and Anthropology major and minor requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Why study Sociology and Anthropology at Westminster?

Explore ways in which organizations and groups operate, how cultural and social settings can be analyzed, and what kind of forces motivate human behavior.

Major Highlights

At Westminster College house both, sociology and anthropology in one department. Traditionally, sociology is interested in the modern, urban, and civilized world, while anthropology is concerned with tribal, traditional, and general non-western society. At Westminster, we believe that to truly understand modern America in the 21st century, it is helpful to know something about modern China, Ancient Rome, and even about foraging societies from 10,000 years ago.

Cool Classes

  • Sociology of Literature
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Tribal Survival
  • Native American Cultures
  • Shamanism and Spirit Possession
  • Folklore
  • Fieldwork
  • Sociology of the Emotions
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Japanese Culture

Other Experiences

As a senior, students have the option of taking a Senior Seminar course. The students themselves create a topic for study, devise a method of inquiry and can even decide how they want to be evaluated. In recent years, senior majors have chosen topics like "War and Peace in the Middle East," "Racism," "Intentional Communities," and "Women in Afghanistan."

Career Opportunities for Sociology & Anthropology Majors

Looking at the actual "track record" of the department's graduates we can see the variety of career opportunities that our students have entered into in their professional and post-graduate careers, such as

  • Masters of Social Work degrees
  • Law degrees
  • Graduate degrees in sociology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, and in museum studies
  • Peace Corps
  • Religious studies
  • English
  • Law enforcement
  • Computer sciences

Others went on in such careers as

  • Journalism
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Russian Studies
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Economic development
  • Government service
  • Nursing
  • Public health/biostatistics
  • Social research
  • Philosophy
  • The armed forces
  • High school teaching

Contact Information

Name: Dr. William Guinee
Position: Professor of Anthropology
Office: Room 34, Newnham Hall
Email: Bill.Guinee@westminster-mo.edu
Phone: (573) 592-5326

Meet the Faculty

William Guinee, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Lisa Fein, Assistant Prof. of Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology News

Check out what Westminster sociology and anthropology students and alums are doing and get department updates.
Sociology & Anthropology News

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