Transnational Studies 


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Why Study Transnational Studies at Westminster?

Transnational Studies 1• Learn about global issues (for example, environment, economics, culture, human rights, globalization, and diplomacy) and how those issues spill over and transcend borders. You will focus on globalization and the social, economic, political, and technical aspects of understanding global systems
• Enhance your analytical and critical skills by connecting theory and practice in your major in Transnational Studies
• Study abroad as part of your major in transnational studies and use that experience to gain valuable knowledge of how transnational analyses connected to various disciplines and cultures around the world
• Exceptional students can write a Transnational Studies “Honors” Thesis

Major Highlights

Transnational Studies is an interdisciplinary major that introduces students to multiple perspectives (and issues) of how international relations, global cultures, environmental issues, justice, human rights, and diplomacy affect the world today. A foundational course and a capstone course in transnational studies help students frame their academic experiences and co-curricular global experiences as well. 

Cool Classes

The junior-senior seminar in transnational studies (TNS 401) will introduce students to current global issues and allow them to examine a major global issue in-depth. It will also introduce them to a “graduate school” level analysis of issues and topics related to transnational studies and globalization. Students learn the literature, methods, and approaches used in writing a major paper suitable as the foundation for an eventual “honors” thesis or for submission to graduate and professional schools or for a dossier for careers in global affairs and other professions after college.

Transnational Studies 2

Other Experiences

Students can study abroad and have fascinating experiences.  In recent years, transnational studies students have completed semesters abroad at universities in Beijing, China; Oviedo, Spain; Winchester, England, to name a few. Some have gone on Westminster faculty-led tours to Belize, China, Germany, and Greece. Also, participation in Westminster’s award-winning Model United Nations program has been a major part of the transnational studies experience.

Career Opportunities

Transnational Studies majors have gone on to work and graduate schools in several areas. They include teaching English in South Korea, working in the East Timorese foreign ministry, working for General Electric in Africa, full-time teaching/research at the university level (after finishing graduate school), graduate school in American Studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz (Austria), international relations at the Maxwell School of international relations at Syracuse University, international relations at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky, political science (international relations and African politics) at Western Illinois University, European Union studies at the University of London, Monterrey Institute of International Studies at Middlebury College (Monterrey, CA), and other programs, and admission (but deferred for one year) to the public policy and global development program at the University of California-Berkeley.

Contact Information

Name: Dr. Kurt Jefferson
Position: Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives, Professor, and Chair, Transnational Studies
Office: Churchill Institute for Global Engagement, Room 202
Phone: 573-592-5266

Transnational Studies News 

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