Religious Studies 

Religious Studies Minor at Westminster College

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Why get a Religious Studies Minor? 

Religion is a pervasive and powerful phenomenon, expressing that which people ultimately value. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is ever more critical for educated persons to study religion in its many expressions. The Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies offers a major and a minor program in Religious Studies. Courses in religious studies provide students with an opportunity to understand their own religious heritage and to know and appreciate other religious traditions. Religion is studied as a living part of its larger cultural setting, not merely as an isolated phenomenon. The approach to the subject matter is descriptive and historical.

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Contact Info

Contact: Dr. Cliff Cain
Phone: (573) 592-5202

Meet the Faculty 

James McRae, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Jamie Haskins, Chaplain, Director of Spiritual Life, and Instructor of Religious Studies
Richard Geenen, Professor of Philosophy
Robert Seelinger, Professor of Classics
Victor Leuci, Senior Lecturer of Classics
Clifford Cain, Harrod-C.S. Lewis Professor of Religious Studies

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Religious Studies News