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Westminster summer term courses are a great opportunity to earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate.

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Online courses are available in a 3-week format and a 6-week format. Students who enroll for online classes should carefully review the course description and information for online classes before enrolling.


$275 per credit hour. $825 for a 3-hour course.

Online Course Requirements

  • Westminster students must attend the online orientation meeting scheduled, to be announced.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining their course books before the start of class and are available at the bookstore.
  • Maintain reliable access to the Internet throughout the course's duration.

For further information, please contact Dr. Susan Serota, Director of Online Teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Course Information

 3 Credits in 3 Weeks or 6 Credits in 6 Weeks

Term Dates: (3 in 3, May 14 - June 1) (6 in 6, June 4 - July13)

  BUS 230 O - Advertising (6-Week)

This course examines the role of advertising in marketing and in society. Topics include communication theory, deception, regulation, the advertising campaign, message tactics, and media tactics. Prerequisites: BUS 250. Instructor: Carner.

  BUS 326 - Human Resources (6-Week)

Instructor : Bob Earnes

  EDU/PSY 221 - Ed Psych (3-Week)

Instructor: Barri Bumgarner

  EDU 230 O - Child & Adolescent Growth and Development (6-Week)

This course explores current theory and knowledge in the field of childhood growth, cognitive and psychosocial development from ages pre-birth through adolescence. Major learning theories will be interrelated with information on physical, psychosocial, cognitive and language development. The goals and methods of childhood education will be studied and important contributions from social and behavioral scientists will be analyzed and evaluated for those planning to work with children and/or adolescents. Prerequisite: EDU 101. Instructor: Serota.

  EDU 385 O - Diversity in Education (6-Week)

This course will introduce both education and non-education majors with the role of the 21st century school in a diverse society. An emphasis of this course is to promote teaching tolerance and anti-bias in a land where discrimination and sexism still exist. Specific topics to be explored include: understanding ourselves and others' values and belief systems, learning the language of prejudice, and creating unity in a diverse America. Prerequisites: EDU 290, PSY 113, SOC111 or ANT 115, POL 211 or REL 102, or permission of the instructor. Instructor: Serota.

  GOG 101 O - Introduction to Geography (6-Week)

This course explores the discipline of geography from the dual perspective of the natural and social sciences. Through an examination of key concepts, tools, and methodologies of both physical and human geography, students will be encouraged to develop an understanding of the interaction of human factors such as population, culture and economic or political organization with the physical environment. Instructor: E,Brown

  HES/PSY 231 O - Sports Psychology (6-Week)

An examination of the psychological factors influencing participants and, to a lesser extent, spectators in sport. Topics include the use of behavioristic principles to develop skills, and the effects of causal attribution, attention, anxiety, coaching strategy, and imagery on athletic performance. Additional special topics include audience effects, children in sports, and the psychological benefits of exercise. Instructor: Gowin.

  HIS 103 O - U.S. to 1877 (6-Week)

A survey course covering American social, intellectual, economic and political development from pre-colonial times to 1877. Instructor: Brown.

  HIS 104 O - U.S. Since 1877 (6-Week)

A survey course covering American social, intellectual, economic and political development from 1877 to the present. Instructor: Boulton.

  HIS 110 O - World History II (3-Week)

This course will cover global history from the Enlightenment to the present. Emphasizing the connections between cultures, we will look at cross-cultural interactions and compare global reactions to common problems. This course will expose students to historical methods, thereby enabling students to discover the complexity of past and present events, to examine the interrelationship of such factors as politics, economics, race, gender, culture, and religion, and to reflect more thoughtfully on the national and international issues that face them today. Instructor: Brown.

  MUS 205 O - Music of the Western World (3-Week)

Investigation of the development of music and musical style from antiquity to the present day. Designed to build familiarity with major style trends in the history of music through an exploration of selected works and personalities as well as how such trends interact with and effect western culture. Offered fall and spring semesters. Instructor: Sexton.

  SPE/WGS 203 O - Interpersonal Communication (3-Week)

A skills and theory examination of communication within human relationships. The class covers communication-related areas of self-concept, self-disclosure, semantics, nonverbal communication, listening, defensive communication and conflict resolution. Instructor: Hardeman.
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