Westminster College offers a centralized Internship Program through the Center for Career Development that encourages students to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities on and off campus.  Internships allow students to earn academic credit while undertaking planned, professionally supervised work experiences related to their on-campus academic programs and career interests.

Career Exploration Internship
An additional internship opportunity is available to students who have completed their freshman year.  The Career Exploration Internship, ITS 199, allows students to complete on-campus internship for one credit hour.  The student will work at the internship for five hours per week (50 hours total during the semester) and attend an internship class that meets monthly.   ITS 199 is offered during fall and spring semesters only.

Departmental Internship
Students should pre-register for an internship (ITS 399) before the semester begins.  Students must then complete the necessary paperwork with the Internship Coordinator.  The course number will be changed to reflect the area in which the student is doing the internship (for example BUS 399).  The intern will be awarded elective credit in the department associated with the internship experience and will receive credit on a CR/F basis. 

Students must have completed 60 credit hours prior to the beginning of the internship and be in good academic standing with a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average to participate in the Westminster Internship Program.  A maximum of seven credit hours of internship can be applied towards the graduation requirement.  Students may enroll in up to four credit hours of internship per semester but may not complete more than one internship per semester.  A minimum of 50 hours per credit hour must be spent on internship tasks for an intern to receive credit.  Internships are included in tuition costs during the fall and spring semester.  Summer internships carry additional tuition costs.