Westminster Seminar 

All entering freshmen participate in the College's distinctive Freshman Experience which features New Student Days as well as a Westminster Seminar which continues throughout the semester. New Student Days begin approximately four days before all classes begin and provide an opportunity for new students to meet classmates, learn the rules, expectations and traditions of the College and begin the transition to campus life. During the Westminster Seminar, students work closely with a faculty member, upper-class student mentors and a small group of new students.

Organized around student interests, the seminars are integrated by common objectives and shared readings. The seminar is designed to help students read analytically, think critically and communicate effectively. The Freshman Experience also involves students in field trips, service projects, concerts and lectures at Westminster College and occasional meals in the home of the faculty member who serves as the seminar leader. In addition to teaching the course, each seminar leader serves as academic advisor for students in their seminar and remains in that capacity until the students declare majors.