Tomnitz Family Learning Opportunities Center - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

The Tomnitz Family Learning Opportunities Center (LOC) offers academic support to students through a variety of programs, including the Learning Disabilities Program, the Academic Enrichment Program, the Peer Tutoring Program, and the College Transition Program. The LOC’s professional academic staff also offer supplemental courses designed to encourage and support academic success in the Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Social Sciences. 

Professional Academic Staff

Karen Tompson-Wolfe
Director, Tomnitz Family Learning Opportunities Center
34 Westminster Hall

Tirza Kroeker
Director, College Transition Program
38A Westminster Hall

Christin Fort
Academic Support Specialist, Learning Disabilities Program and College Transition Program
38B Westminster Hall

Cathy Pesce
Coordinator of Academic Enrichment Program
35 Westminster Hall

Administrative Assistant

Rikka Brown
Lower-level Westminster Hall