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The mission of Reeves Library is to support the academic information and research needs of the WC community.  Please let us know how we can best assist you with your classes, assignments, research needs, and access to other library or informational resources. 

 2013-2014 REEVES LIBRARY STAFF  - Serving Fulton & Mesa Campuses
Contact the library: Skype™ ReevesReference; email: Reeves.Library; or call 573-592-5247

Library Staff 

Primary Responsibilities

Director of Library Services,  Angela Grogan  x 5245; Angela.Grogan

(B.S. in Education. & MA in
 Library  & Information  Science)

Oversees library personnel, operations and services. Questions or suggestions regarding funds, library resources, services, or policies can be addressed with Angela.  Teaches SSI 101 and assists with other instruction as needed. (B.A. & M.L.S.)  
Head of Public Services,  Kathryn Barden; x 5246; Kat Barden

(B.A. in Liberal Arts & French Lit.; M.A. Pastoral Studies; C.C.E. in Christian Education; MA in  Library  & Information  Science)

Check with Kat for library instruction needs for your classes, for assistance with your professional research, or for information about our reference & general collections.  (B.A. & M.A. & M.L.S.)

Head of Technical Services,  Corrine Caputo
 x5209; Corrine.Caputo

(B. S. in Psychology & MA in
 Library  & Information  Science)

Ask Corinne if you have questions related to cataloging of library materials, the library automated system or library patron database. (B.A. & M.L.S.)
Serials & Electronic Resources,  Kathy Renner
 x 5248; Kathy.Renner

(B.S. Education & MA in
Library  & Information  Science)

Coordinates & manages the serial collection and electronic resources.  Also provides public service assistance and backup for the automated library system. (B.A. & M.L.S.)
Resource Sharing Assistant,  Cindy Schoolcraft

 x 5247; Cindy.Schoolcraft

  (B.S. Political Science)

Coordinates our resource sharing handling Arthur, Mobius and   interlibrary loan requests.  She also supervises the circulation desk and shelvers. (B.A.)

Technical. Services,  Elizabeth Williams
 x 5378; Lisa.Williams

(B.A. in Philosophy)

 Manages the acquisitions module of library system, handles ordering and invoices for library materials.  Also assists with cataloging and processing of library materials as well as book repair and book plates. (B.A.)
MLIS Fellow – Academic Librarian in Residence
Katy Emerson
 x 5358; Katy Emerson
(B.A. International Studies; MA in Library & Information Science)
 Provides reference assistance, creates visual informational instruction and displays in library, organizes the archives collection, assists with the B & B and LIB UX student group, and oversees the Study Zone, computer lab, and Skype Lab student monitors. (B.A. & M.L.S.)


  • Use Tell Me More™ software to hone your English skills. Find out at the library!
  • Reeves Library’s catalog is Arthur. Search for a resource and select it from the regular stacks. Call, Text, or Skype, or Email your professional library staff to arrange shipping or scan and send of print/hard copy resources. Note: You may renew them online through the library website.
  • Evenings 6:00 -10:30 pm in MO or 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm in AZ professional librarians are on duty every Sunday – Wednesday and the interlibrary loan specialist is on duty Thursday.   For complete schedule check the library website.