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Science Education
Science Education is a video database that teaches laboratory fundamentals. Video is incredibly crucial at the undergraduate level of education. Feedback from professors state that this product helps them fight the fatigue of repeatedly teaching techniques to students semester in and semester out. It is also being used in blackboard systems as "pre-lab" and "post-lab" viewing. It has been incorporated into actual lab time as well, which has been my personal experience. There are fifteen main videos in each section. In each main video there are five application videos that will show students why they're learning the procedure beyond their individual lab requirements. The entire database features 75 videos that will be utilized throughout every 2 year and 4 year university undergrad biology/chemistry program. This is created by scientists for scientists and students and it specifically maps to nationwide curriculum standards. This product is both education and instructional. Films on Demand features documentaries, but does not feature instructional content. 

Plunkett Research  
"The focus at Plunkett Research is to make it easy for the general reader to readily access and understand the most vital trends creating change within given industries - even if the reader has no current expertise in that industry."
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