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Primary Sources 4

Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874.
The Works of Charles Sumner. Boston : Lee & Shepard, 1870-1883. 15 Vols.

Reeves E 410.6 .S93

Dana, Napolean Jackson Tecumseh.
Monterrey Is Ours! The Mexican War Letters of Lt. Dana, 1845-1847. Edited by Robert H. Ferrell. Amherst : Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 1990.

Reeves E 411 .D25 1990

Kirkham, Ralph W.
The Mexican War Journal and Letters of Ralph W. Kirkham. Edited by Robert Ryal Miller. College Station : Texas A & M Univ. Press, 1991.

Reeves E 411 .K57 1991

Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850.
Letters of Zachary Taylor, from the Battlefields of the Mexican War. Reprinted from the originals in the collection of Mr. William K. Bixby, of St. Louis, Mo.; with introduction, biographical notes, an appendix, & illustrations from private plates. New York : Kraus Reprint, 1970.

Dulany E 415 .T24 1970

Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875.
The Papers of Andrew Johnson. Editors: LeRoy P. Graf & Ralph W. Haskins. Knoxville : Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1967-1992. 12 Vols.

Dulany E 415.6 .J66 1967

Dana, Richard Henry, 1815-1882.
The Journal. Edited by Robert F. Lucid. Cambridge : Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. Press, 1968. 3 Vols.

Dulany E 415.9 .D15 A16

Strong, George Templeton, 1820-1875.
Diary. Edited by Allan Nevins & Milton Halsey Thomas. New York : Macmillan, 1952. 4 Vols.

Reeves E 415.9 .S86 A3 (Also in Dulany)

United States. President (1845-1849: Polk).
The Diary of James K. Polk During His Presidency, 1845 to 1849, Now First Printed from the Original Manuscript in the Collection of the Chicago Historical Society. Edited & annotated by Milo Milton Quaife, with an introduction by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin. Chicago : A. C. McClurg & Co., 1910. 4 Vols.

Reeves E 416 .P76

Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874.
Millard Fillmore Papers. Ed. by Frank H. Severance. Buffalo, N.Y. : Buffalo Historical Society, 1907; Kraus Reprint, 1970. 2 Vols.

Dulany E 426 .F5 1970

Weld, Theodore Dwight, 1803-1895.
Letters of Theodore Dwight Weld, Angelina Grimke Weld and Sarah Grimke, 1822-1844. Edited by Gilbert H. Barnes & Dwight L. Dumond. Glouster, Mass. : P. Smith, 1965, [c1934]. 2 Vols.

Dulany E 449 .W443 1965

Witness for Freedom: African American Voices on Race, Slavery, and Emancipation. C. Peter Ripley, editor. Chapel Hill : Univ. of North Carolina Press, c1993.

Reeves E 449 .W84 1993

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Political Debates Between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in the celebrated campaign of 1858 in Illinois, including the preceding speeches of each at Chicago, Springfield, etc., also the two great speeches of Abraham Lincoln in Ohio in 1859. Cleveland : Burrows Brothers Co., 1907.

Reeves E 457.4 .L74 1907

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The First Complete, Unexpurgated Text.[1st Harper Perennial ed.] New York : HarperPerennial, 1994, c1993.

Reeves E 457.4 .L776 1994

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln. Edited by John G. Nicolay & John Hay. New & enlarged edition. New York : F. D. Tandy, Co., 1905. 12 Vols.

Reeves E 457.91 1905a

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Collected Works. The Abraham Lincoln Association, Springfield, Illinois. Roy P. Basler, editor. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers Univ. Press, 1953-1955. 8 Vols.

Reeves E 457.91 1952 (Also in Dulany)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln. Edited, & with a biographical essay, by Philip Van Doren Stern; with an introduction, "Lincoln in his writings," by Allan Nevins. New York : Modern Library, c1940.

Reeves E 457.92 1940

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Uncollected Works of Abraham Lincoln: His Letters, Addresses and Other Papers. Assembled & annotated by Rufus Rockwell Wilson...A supplement to & revision of the Complete works of Lincoln, by Nicolay & Hay. Elmira, N.Y. : Primavera Press, 1947- 1948. 2 Vols.

Reeves E 457.92 1947

Mearns, David Chambers, 1899-1981.
The Lincoln Papers: The Story of the Collection, with Selections to July 4, 1861. [1st ed.] Introduction by Carl Sandburg. Garden City, N. Y. : Doubleday, 1948. 2 Vols.

Reeves E 457.92 1948

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Abraham Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings. Edited with critical & analytical notes by Roy P. Basler. Preface by Carl Sandburg. New York : Kraus Reprint, [1969,1946].

Dulany E 457.92 1969

United States. War Department.
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Published under the direction of the Secretary of War. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1880-1901. 70 Vols.

Reeves E 464 .U6

Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886.
Diary. Aida DiPace Donald & David Donald, editors. Cambridge : Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. Press, 1964-1986.

Dulany E 467.1 .A2 A15

Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889.
The Papers of Jefferson Davis. Edited by Haskell M. Monroe, Jr. & James T. McIntosh. Baton Rouge : Louisiana State Univ. Press, 1971-1989.

Reeves E 467.1 .D2596

Meade, George Gordon, 1815-1872.
The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army. By George Meade...edited by George Gordon Meade. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1913. 2 Vols.

Reeves E 467.1 .M38 M3

Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870.
The Wartime Papers of R. E. Lee. [1st ed.] Clifford Dowdey, editor. With connective narratives by Clifford Dowdey & maps by Samuel H. Bryant. Virginia Civil War Commission. Boston : Little, Brown, [1961].

Reeves E 470 .L49 (Also in Dulany)

Evans, Clement Anselm, 1833-1911, ed.
Confederate Military History: A Library of Confederate States History. Written by distinguished men of the South, & edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans. Atlanta : Confederate Publishing Co., 1899. 12 Vols.

Reeves E 484 .E9

Confederate States of America. President.
The Messages and Papers of Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy, Including Diplomatic Correspondence, 1861-1865. [New ed.] Edited & compiled by James D. Richardson. Introduced by Allan Nevins. New York : Chelsea House--R. Hector, 1966. 2 Vols.

Reeves E 487 .C746 1966

Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. Compiled by Gustavus W. Dyer & John Trotwood Moore; editors, Coleen Morse Elliott & Louise Armstrong Moxley. Easley, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, c1985. 5 Vols.

Reeves E 494 .T46 1985

Gooding, James Henry.
On the Altar of Freedom: A Black Soldier's Civil War Letters from the Front. Edited by Virginia Matzke Adams. Amherst : Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 1991.

Reeves E 513.5 54th .G66 1991

Du Pont, Samuel Francis, 1803-1865.
Samuel Francis Du Pont: A Selection from his Civil War Letters. Edited by John D. Hayes. Ithaca : Published for the Eleutherian Mills Historical Library by Cornell Univ. Press, [1969]. 3 Vols.

Reeves E 591 .D9 1969

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1894-1922. 30 Vols.

Reeves E 591 .U58

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