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Spring Semester Exceptions

Fall Semester Exceptions 2017 (August thru December)
Summer Semester Exceptions 2018 (June thru July)
Regular Semester Hours

January 2018 Exceptions:
Jan. 1-2 Mon./Tue. Library CLOSEDNew Year's Break
Jan. 6-7 Sat./Sun. Library CLOSED.
Jan. 13-14 Sat./Sun. Library CLOSED.
Jan. 15 Mon. Library CLOSED.
Jan. 16Tue. Regular library hours begin.

February 2018 Exceptions:
Feb. 15 Thu. Library OPEN 7:30am-6pm.
Library CLOSED 6pm-12am for President's Day Holiday
Feb. 16-17 Fri./Sat. Library CLOSED. President's Day Holiday
NOTE: Board of Trustees Feb 8-10. Welcome to Westminster Feb. 19.

March 2018 Exceptions:
Mar. 17-18 Sat./Sun. Library CLOSED. Spring Break.
Mar. 23-24 Fri./Sat. Library CLOSED. Spring Break.
NOTE: Midterm Mar. 6, Assessment Day Mar. 13, Spring Break Mar. 19-23, Spring Online 3-in-3 Mar. 5-23.

April 2018 Exceptions:
Apr. 1 Sun. Library CLOSED for the Easter Break.
April 2 Mon. Library CLOSED from 7:30am - 1pm for the Easter Break.
Library OPEN from 1pm - 12am.
NOTE: BlueJay Day Apr. 14, Undergraduate Scholar's Forum, Apr. 19,  Alumni Weekend, Apr. 20-22.

May 2018 Exceptions:
May 4 Fri. Library OPEN 7:30am-10pm Extended hours for Finals.
May 5 Sat. Library OPEN 10am-10pm Extended hours for Finals.
May 10 Thu. Library OPEN 7:30am-6pm Last day of Finals.
May 28 Mon. Library CLOSED Memorial Holiday
NOTE: Last day of classes May 4, Final Exams May 7-10, Board of Trustees May 10-12,Graduation Sat. May 12, Summer Online 3-in-3 May 14-June 1.

Online Resources including Moodle, are available anytime and anywhere from the Library Home Page.
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