The following list of books are new to Reeves Library for November 2012.  If you are interested in checking out any of the titles, you may find them either on the "New Books" shelf across from the Circulation Desk, or in the stacks according to their call number. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Bible Society of Ghana. 1994. Biblia. Accra : Bible Society of Ghana.
BS325 .E92 1994

Morgan, Edmund S. 1963. Visible saints : the history of a Puritan idea. [New York] : New York University Press.
BX9322.M6 1963

History: General, Old World

Fogel, Robert William and G.R. Elton. 1983. Which road to the past? : two views of history. New Haven [etc.] : Yale University Press.
D16 .F69 1983

Jordanova, L. J. 2000. History in practice. London : Arnold ; New York : Oxford University Press.
D16.J74 2000

Polk, William R. 1997. Neighbors & strangers : the fundamentals of foreign affairs. Chicago : University of Chicago Press.
D31.P66 1997

Williams, Phil and Donald M. Goldstein, Ed. 1999. Classic readings of international relations. Fort Worth : Harcourt Brace College Publishers.
D32 .C57 1999

Hobsbawm, E. J. 1975. The age of capital, 1848-1875. New York : Vintage Books.
D358.H56 1975
Keylor, William R. 1996. The twentieth-century world : an international history. New York : Oxford University Press.
D421.K46 1996

Craig, Gordon Alexander and Alexander L. George. 1990. Force and statecraft : diplomatic problems of our time. New York : Oxford University Press.
D443 .C73 1990

United States. Bureau of the Budget. 1972. The United States at war; development and administration of the war program by the Federal Government. New York, Da Capo Press.
D769.A55 1972

Smith, Lacey Baldwin. 2001. This realm of England, 1399-1688. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co.
DA30 .H652 2001

Friedman, Thomas L. 1995. From Beirut to Jerusalem : updated with a new chapter. New York : Anchor Books, Doubleday.
DS119.7.F736 1995

Kutakov, L. N. 1972. Japanese foreign policy on the eve of the Pacific War, a Soviet view. Tallahassee, Diplomatic Press.
DS888.5 .K9 1972

Rees, David. 1964. Korea : the limited war. New York : St Martin's Press.
DS918 .R43 1964

Wauthier, Claude. 1967. The literature and thought of modern Africa; a survey. New York, F.A. Praeger.
DT21.W313 1967

Del Boca, Angelo. 1969. The Ethiopian War, 1935-1941. Chicago, University of Chicago Press.
DT387.8 .B5513 1969

History: America

Hyde, George E. 1974. Spotted Tail's folk; a history of the Brule Sioux. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press.
E99.B8 H9 1974

McKenney, Thomas Loraine. 1959. Sketches of a tour to the lakes, of the character and customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of incidents connected with the Treaty of Fond du Lac. Also, a vocabulary of the Algic, or Chippeway language, formed in part, and as far as it goes, upon the basis of one furnished. Minneapolis : Ross & Haines.
E99.C6 M35 1959

O'Kane, Walter Collins. 1950. Sun in the sky. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press.
E99.H7 O55 1950

Senior, Willoughby F. 1961. Smoke upon the winds : adventures in peace. Denver : Sage Books.
E99.N3 S64 1957

LaFeber, Walter. 1989. The American age : United States foreign policy at home and abroad since 1750. New York : Norton.
E183.7 .L27 1989

Horsman, Reginald. 1985. The diplomacy of the new republic, 1776-1815.
Arlington Heights, Ill. : H. Davidson.
E310.7 .H77 1985

Boyd, Julian P. 1964. Alexander Hamilton's secret attempts to control American foreign policy, with supporting documents. Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press.
E313 .B78 1964

Crook, D. P. 1975. Diplomacy during the American Civil War. New York : Wiley.
E469 .C75 1975

Dallek, Robert. 1984. The American style of foreign policy : cultural politics and foreign affairs. New York : New American Library.
E744 .D22 1984

Davis, Harold E. 1977. Latin American diplomatic history : an introduction. Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press.
F1415 .D335 1977

Social Sciences

Shah, Dhavan V. and Lewis A. Friedland, Ed. 2012. Communication, consumers, and citizens : revisitingthe politics of consumption. Los Angeles :
H1 .A4 2012

Petrikin, Jonathan S. 1995. Third World : opposing viewpoints. San Diego, CA : Greenhaven Press.
HC59.7 .T45473 1995

Gootenberg, Paul. 1989. Between silver and guano : commercial policy and the state in postindependence Peru. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press.
HF1525 .G66 1989

Toplin, Robert Brent. 1971. The abolition of slavery in Brazil. New York : Atheneum.
HT1128 .T66x 1971

Political Sciences

Bailyn, Bernard. 1968. The origins of American politics. New York : Vintage Books.
JK54 .B3 1968

Roy, Denny. 1998. China's foreign relations. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield.
JZ1734.R69 1998

Miller, Robert Hopkins. 1998. Inside an embassy : the political role of diplomats abroad. Washington, D.C. : Congressional Quarterly.
JX1706 .M48 1992 


Burkholder, Mark A. 1990. Politics of a colonial career. Wilmington, Del. : SR Books.
KHQ304.B36 B87 1990

Language, Literature

Decaudin, Michel. 1983. Anthologie de la poesie francaise du XXe siecle : de Paul Claudel a Rene Char. Paris : Gallimard.
PQ1184 .A623 1983

Aubigne, Agrippa d'. 1994.  Les Tragiques. Paris : Garnier-Flammarion.
PQ1603 .A7 1994

Ronsard, Pierre de. 1993. Poems. Selections. Les amours et Les folastries. Paris : Livre de Poche.
PQ1676 .A6 1993
Racine, Jean. 1959. Andromaque : tragedie. Paris : Larousse.
PQ1890.A1 1959

Racine, Jean. 1963. Britannicus and Phedre. [New York, Dell Pub. Co.].
PQ1894.A1 1963

Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat. 1990. Montesquieu: lettres persanes : choix de 75 lettres integrales. [Paris] : Librairie Larousse.
PQ2011.L5 1990

Prevost d'Exiles. 1972. Manon Lescaut. Paris : Librarie General Franccaise.
PQ2021.M3 1972

May, Georges. 1961. Rousseau par lui-meme. [Paris] Editions du Seuil.
PQ2043.M37 1961

Colette. Claudine. 1975.  Paris : A. Michel.
PQ2605.O28 C64 1975

Proust, Marcel. 1954. L'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. [Paris] : Gallimard.
PQ2631.R63 O5 1954


Bursztajn, Harold. 1981. Medical choices, medical chances : how patients, families, and physicians can cope with uncertainty. New York : Delacorte Press.
R723 .M36 1981