The following list of books are new to Reeves Library for October 2012.  If you are interested in checking out any of the titles, you may find them either on the "New Books" shelf across from the Circulation Desk, or in the stacks according to their call number.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Aristotle.McKeon, Richard. 1941.  The basic works of Aristotle. New York, Random House.
B407 .M2 1941

Copleston, Frederick C. 1961. Medieval philosophy. New York : Harper.
B721 .C57 1961

Salmon, Wesley C. 1984. Logic. Salmon. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
BC108 .S2 1984

Beauchamp, Tom L. 1974. Philosophical problems of causation. Encino, Calif., Dickenson Pub. Co.
BD591 .B4 1974

Hampshire, Stuart. Freedom of the individual. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press.
BJ1461.H27 1975

Patel, Eboo. 2012. Sacred ground : pluralism, prejudice, and the promise of America.   Boston : Beacon Press.
BL2525 .P36 2012

History: General, Old World

Snarr, Michael T. and D. Neil Snarr, Ed. 1998. Introducing global issues. Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers.
D860.I62 1998

History: America

Coolidge, Dane. 1930. The Navajo Indians. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company.
E99.N3 C77 1930

Schaller, Michael. 1979. The United States and China in the twentieth century. New York : Oxford University Press.
E183.8.C5 S323 1979

Brenner, Philip. 1988. From confrontation to negotiation : U.S. relations with Cuba. Boulder : Westview Press.
E183.8.C9 B74 1988

Lai, David, Ed. 1997. Global perspectives : international relations, U.S. foreign policy, and the view from abroad. Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers.
E840 .G56 1997

Casas, Bartolome de las. 1992. A short account of the destruction of the Indies. London, England ; New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books.
F1411 .C31513 1992

Geography, Anthropology

Kerski, Joseph J. and Jill Clark. 2012. The GIS guide to public domain data. Redlands, Calif. : Esri Pr ; [La Vergne, Tenn.] : Ingram Publisher Services.
G70.217.G46 K47 2012

Botzler, Richard George and Susan J. Armstrong, Ed. 1998.  Environmental ethics : divergence and convergence. Boston, Mass. : McGraw-Hill.
GF80 .E585 1998

Nash, Roderick. 1989. The rights of nature : a history of environmental ethics. Madison, Wis. : Univ. of Wisconsin Press.
GF80 .N36 1989

Fiege, Mark. 2012. The republic of nature : an environmental history of the United States. Seattle : University of Washington Press.
GF503 .F54 2012

Auxter, David. 2010. Principles and methods of adapted physical education and recreation. New York : McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
GV445 .P75 2010

Social Sciences

Calabresi, Guido and Philip Bobbitt. Tragic choices. New York : Norton.
H61 .C23 1978

Hardin, Garrett James. 1993. Living within limits : ecology, economics, and population taboos. New York : Oxford University Press.
HQ766.7 .H35 1993

Kamm, F. M. 1992. Creation and abortion : a study in moral and legal philosophy. New York : Oxford University.
HQ767.15 .K36 1992

Political Science

Quinton, Anthony, Ed. 1967. Political philosophy. London, Oxford U.P.
JA83 .Q5 1967

Hutchinson, John and Anthony D. Smith, Ed. 1994. Nationalism.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press. 
JC311.N295 1994


Liftig, Inez Fugate. 2010. Tried & true : time- tested activities for middle school. Arlington, Va. : National Science Teachers Association.
LB1585 .T7 2010

Fine Arts

Wiegers, Robert P. 2012. Missouri armories : the Guard's home in architecture and history. Kirksville, Missouri : Truman State University Press.
NA4482.M8 W54 2012

Language, Literature

Davidson, Donald and Gilbert Harman, Ed. 1972. Semantics of natural language. Dordrecht ; Boston : D. Reidel. 
P106 .S39 1972

Moliere. 1892. Les Precieuses ridicules : comedie. Paris : P. Dupont.
PQ1839.A3 C7 1892


Zucker, Arthur. 1996. Introduction to the philosophy of science. Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall.
Q175 .Z82 1996

Hattersley, Mark. 2011. Mac secrets. Indianapolis, Ind. : Wiley Pub.
QA76.8.M3 H 3598 2011

Potteiger, Jeffrey Aaron. 2011. ACSM's introduction to exercise science. Philadelphia : Wollters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ; [Indianapolis, IN]
QP301 .P637 2011

Beauchamp, Tom L. and Laurence B. McCullough. Medical ethics : the moral responsibilities of physicians.
QA76.8.M3 H 3598 2011


Beauchamp, Tom L. and Laurence B. McCullough. 1984. Medical ethics : the moral responsibilities of physicians. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall.
R724 .B358 1984

Crigger, Bette-Jane, Ed. 1998. Cases in bioethics : selections from the Hastings Center report. New York : St. Martin's Press.
R724 .C36 1998

Chapman, Carleton B. Physicians, law, and ethics. New York : New York University Press.
R724 .C45 1984

Engelhardt, H. Tristram. 1986. The foundations of bioethics. New York : Oxford University Press.
R724 .E54 1986

Arras, John. and Bonnie Steinbock. 1999. Ethical issues in modern medicine. Mountain View, Calif. : Mayfield.
R724 .E788 1999

Gorovitz, Samuel, Ed. 1976. Moral problems in medicine. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall.
R724 .M82 1976

Ridley, Aaron. 1998. Beginning bioethics : a text with integrated readings. New York : St. Martin's Press.
R724 .R498 1998

Freeman, John Mark. and Kevin McDonnell. 2001. Tough decisions : cases in medical ethics.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press.
R725.5 .F74 2001

Fox, Renee C. and Judith P. Swazey, Judith P. 1978. The courage to fail : a social view of organ transplants and dialysis. Chicago : University of Chicago Press. 
RA418.5.M4 F68 1978

Mahowald, Mary Briody. 1993. Women and children in health care : an unequal majority.
New York : Oxford University Press.
RA564.85 .M35 1993

Oakley, Ann. 1993. Essays on women, medicine and health. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
RA564.85 .O24 1993

Anspaugh, David J. and Michael H. Hamrick. 2001. Wellness : fundamental concepts and applications.
Boston : McGraw Hill.
RA776 .A57 2001

Domar, Alice D. and Henry Dreher. 1996. Healing mind, healthy woman : using the mind-body
connection to manage stress and take control of your health.
New York : Delta Trade Paperbacks.
RA 778 .D656 1996

Vliet, Elizabeth Lee. 1995. Screaming to be heard! : hormonal connections women suspect-- and doctors ignore. New York : M. Evans and Co.
RA778 .V55 1995

Corbin, Charles B. 2001. Fundamental concepts of fitness and wellness. Boston : McGraw-Hill.
RA781 .F86 2001

Hoeger, Werner W. K. and Sharon A. Hoeger. 2007. Lifetime physical fitness & wellness : a
personalized program.
Australia ; Belmont, CA : Thomson Wadsworth.
RA781 .H6 2007

Prentice, William E. 2001. Get fit, stay fit. Boston : McGraw-Hill.
RA781 .P67 2001

Balch, James F. and Phyllis A. Balch. 1990. Prescription for nutritional healing. Garden City Park, N.Y. : Avery Pub.
RA784 .B248 1990

Simmons, Roberta G. and Susan Klein. 1977. Gift of life : the social and psychological impact of organ transplantation. New York : Wiley.
RD575 .S55 1977

Blank, Robert H. 1992. Mother and fetus : changing notions of maternal responsibility. New York : Greenwood Press.
RG960 .B55 1992


Place, Susan E.,Ed. 1993. Tropical rainforests : Latin American nature and society
in transition. Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources.
SD153.T76 1993


Alter, Benjamin. 2012. Environmental consulting fundamentals : investigation and remediation. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press.
TD194.6 .A47 2012

Ford, Daniel F. 1982. The cult of the atom : the secret papers of the Atomic Energy Commission. New York : Simon and Schuster.
TK9023.F67 1982

Williams, Sue Rodwell and Bonnie S. Worthington-Roberts, Ed. 1992. Nutrition throughout the life cycle. St. Louis : Mosby Year Book.
TX354.N87 1992

Boyle, Marie A. and David H. Holben. 2010. Community nutrition in action : an entrepreneurial approach. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
TX360.U6 B69 2010