Environmental Studies 

Directories and Bibliographies

Environmental Sites on the Internet
Provides a comprehensive assortment of links arranged by subject keywords and   international in scope.

National Library for the Environment
 Includes full text of hundreds of Congressional Research Service Reports related to    environmental issues.


Our Planet
Maintained by the United Nations Environmental Program. (bimonthly)

Fedederal and International Government Agencies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Includes an extensive list of browse topics as well as information concerning research  programs, grants, databases, and technical documents.

Environment: Issues and Resources--United States Information Agency
Includes major links to documents, background information, and statistical information from  a wide range of government websites.

European Environment Agency
Includes full text or abstracts from major reports, monographs, articles and papers, plus    a "complete overview of available printed documents".

State of Missouri Links

County Maps
Provides links to the FTP directory containing county-wide  mosaics of USGS 1:100,000 topographic maps. These maps are made possible through  an augmentation to the Lewis  and Clark Historic Landscape Project conducted at the GRC in cooperation with the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State and the Missouri State Archives.