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A guide to latest physics news, research, conferences, new products, jobs, etc. Some of the topics include graduate and undergraduate physics programs, job and conference listings, information from non US physical societies, up-to-date abstracts of papers by topic.

PhysLINK: Physics and Astronomy Online
A comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. In addition to providing high-quality content, PhysLink.com is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds with its online discussion forums. Links include such things as Reference, Societies, Journals, History, News, Companies, and Software--all in the field of physical science. Employment listings are for research, teaching, and industry. Two particular links that are also useful are History of Physics and Ask Experts. History is from a wide range of areas such as astronomy, scientists, science museums, and women and minorities in science. Ask Experts is the readers posing questions to scientists on an interactive link.

Help for Physics Students
A straightforward list covering basic topics. Each link on the site is full of connections as diverse as a physics book. The Problem Solutions page displays a list of physics textbooks tht provide online solutions manuals and other groups that maintain solutions to problems. Links include: Animation/simulation, Books, Cross reference, Humor, Employment, Lecture Notes, Reference desk, Software, Textbooks, Tutorials.

Offers information and exercises for a wide range of topics of interest to students of physics. Viewer can read explanations similar to those in textbooks. This site contains exercises with each topic that allow the viewer to change the variable values to see how the results are changed.
Flowcharts and linking is excellent for finding your way around the site.
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