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Other Services

Audiovisual Services


For classroom equipment needs, contact the I.T. Help Desk at Help or at ext. 5169.

Special Purpose Rooms

The library also houses several special rooms. In the Hazel Wing, Room 112 is equipped with room-darkening shades, a ceiling-mounted video/data projector, and a sound system with video, DVD, CD & cassette decks and turntable. On the third floor of the Hazel Wing, Room 311 provides video and computer projection. The Instructional Development Studio (IDS), contains analog video editing equipment, computers, scanners, a slide sorting table, laminator, and a poster/banner maker. Macintosh computers are available in Hazel Wing Lab 101.

We also have several laser discs, slide, video, CD, and DVD collections. Facilities for individual or group listening/viewing are provided in the library.

To schedule rooms or labs in the library or Hazel Wing, please contact any library staff member or Lori Anderson in Plant Operations at ext. 5282 or email Reservations, Rooms

View Room Scheduling

If you want to find out if a certain room or lab is available for a given date and time, you may view the schedules of many locations using the Schedule feature in Microsoft Outlook.

First, from the main Inbox window, go to "File" and select "Open." Then select "Other User's Folder". Make sure the bottom drop down window is on "Calendar". Click on "Name", type in the first few letters of the room you want, select the appropriate room, and click " OK " You will be able to view locations such as HERMANN, CRAIGHEAD, MCFARLAND, LAB101, HAZEL311 and LIB304 (Group Study) . Note: there is typically no space between the building name or room name and number.

Semester classes are scheduled through the Registrar's Office. Requests to schedule other one time uses, outside of classes, can be emailed to Reservations, Room or (ext. 5282).
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