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From Students To Students

Westminster College has an extraordinary group of students who take advantage of this program. Their experience is unique as a Westminster Student and as an Honor Student. These students stand out for their curious minds, wide-ranging academic interests, commitment to global and social issues, and investment in their campus community, superior academic performance, healthy social lives, and ability to manage time effectively. We are proud of having these students you in the Program and we welcome anyone who is ready to take the challenge.


Sydney Franklin '18 Westminster College

Sydney Franklin ‘18, Dallas, Texas

Why did you join the Honor Programs?
I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to continue to challenge myself and my way of thinking. Developing a more critical train of thought will help me in my endeavors to be an attorney, and, I hope to learn more about myself and how different backgrounds and cultures continue to shape our diverse nation.

How do you like it so far?
It's going okay! Our Cold War seminar this semester with Dr. Boulton is tough, but enjoyable!

What has been your best experience with the Program?
Definitely pie at Dr. LaVine's house

What can you say about the Program to future applicants?
Get ready ! It's going to be an adventure!

Gloria William '17

Gloria William ’16 , Tanzania

Why did you join the Honors Programs?
I completely believe in the nature and mission of the honors program at westminster. I like eveything the program entails from the discussions in classes, off campus experiences, writing a thesis to the priorities in representing westminster to meet different and important global visitors on our campus.

How do you like it so far?
I love it. It has given me the chance to grow out of my comfort zone. Now, I can comfortably participate in challenging discussions about complex global issues. Honors program is the true definition of a Liberal Arts college.

What has been your best experience with the Program?
Everything about honors program has given me the best experience, but the good supporting system isthe highlight. Dr. Livine is the best in every way she can, from being a facilitator in class to a friend and a great resource out of class. She has shaped this program to bring the best out of me. The support from my peers in the program is incredible. They are all so liberal, resourceful and friendly.

What can you say about the Program to future applicants?
Apply now, you will never regret!

Lorena Gaona '15 Westminster College

Lorena Gaona Greenwood ’15, Asuncion, Paraguay

Why did you join the Honors Programs?
I joined the program because it offered me an academic experience with interdisciplinary coursework. The classroom if full of different students with different majors but we can all talk about the same issue and give our own perspectives! It also offered me several opportunities to access distinguished on-campus guest speakers! It is also very challenging because the last year we have to do a research project that is gradúate school-level project and it makes me feel ready to go to graduate school afterwards.

How have you liked it so far?
I have greatly enjoyed this program and profited from its many opportunities. I have profited from in depth help for my study abroad experience as well as my senior year Thesis! It is also just fun and interesting to share a classroom with such passionate students about their subjects.

What has been your best experience with the Program?
I think my senior thesis is the best experience because it is preparing me for future graduate work.
Moreover, I have got to say the professors were one of the best things about this program. They were simply the best and guided me regarding everything and had their office doors always open for me!

How has the program influenced your decisions towards your next step after graduation?
I have always known that I wanted to pursue Masters Studies in Europe. I got in universities in Spain, France and the UK. The honors program had a big influence on my success since it made me explore and go in depth with my major (Economics) and prepared me for graduate school.

What can you say to future applicants about the program?
Join the program! It will give you endless opportunities! I know it helped me get where I am today, counting the days to start my Master’s degree in Paris!

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