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Westminster College Honors ProgramSir Winston Churchill made history here in 1946 with his famous “Iron Curtain” speech.  You can make history here your first day on campus by applying to be a Westminster College Honors Program Scholar.  For the first time in the over 160 year history of Westminster College, incoming freshmen and transfer students have the opportunity to study in a prestigious new Honors Program. 

The new Westminster College Honors Program will be exciting for high achieving students, providing high impact, deep learning opportunities.  Designed for a limited number of qualified students, the Honors Program will include a highly specialized, dynamic honors curriculum.  The program will include an array of experiences that develop academic skills, leadership skills, and global perspectives. 

Students will have the opportunity to take fun and stimulating courses, to get one-on-one attention from professors in studying some of life’s most interesting topics, and to work and travel together in both academic and social events that will stimulate, excite, and inspire.  From in-depth seminar style courses to group-related activities tied to exploring careers, graduate school, and professional schools, bright and energetic students looking for a challenge above and beyond the normal college experience will want to join this program.

The program will culminate in highly individualized and specialized graduate school-type research or individual projects that will make a difference in the community or in public presentations at major professional conferences.  Graduating with an Honors Program designation from Westminster via an “Honors Thesis” or “Honors Project” will yield personal growth, increase your chances for top graduate and professional schools, and help you land jobs with some of the nation and region’s best organizations.

Prospective students who come to campus during the Westminster Scholarship Days will get to meet with the faculty to learn more about the Honors Program and talk about the opportunities it will offer. Current students and community college transfers with outstanding records will be eligible to participate as well. For more information about the Westminster Scholarship Days, please call the Enrollment Services Office at 800-888-WCMO(9266), or check out the Scholarship Days website.

High school seniors applying to Westminster and Freshmen through Juniors at Westminster (and transfer students who have not reached their senior year) are eligible to apply for the WC Honors Program.   When applying, the total student record (including the honors application essay of two-to-five pages) will be taken into consideration (including leadership skills, potential, and academic and professional goals), but the strongest candidates will have a high school GPA around 3.5/4.00  (or a college GPA around 3.4).  

If you are an elite student looking for an inspiring experience, check out the Westminster College Honors Program!  Yes, Churchill made history here in 1946 and you can, too--in our Honors Program class!

Download the Westminster College Honors Program Application

For more information about the Honors Program, please contact:
Dr. Heidi LaVine Heidi.Lavine@westminster-mo.edu  
Honor Program Director
Meet Dr. LaVine

The Honors Program is part of The Churchill Institute at Westminster College.