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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.


Built on the inspiration of Sir Winston Churchill's historic visit to Westminster in 1946 to deliver the "Iron Curtain" speech and the leadership qualities of Churchill himself, The Churchill Institute at Westminster is the hub of all international and leadership development activity at the College, weaving together international education and leadership development.

The Institute provides the intellectual substance and real world experience to carry out the Westminster leadership mission. Students test their ideas and challenge their preconceptions through daily interaction with international students and faculty within a vibrant, intellectual atmosphere fostered by a distinguished list of guest lecturers, world leaders, and visitors to campus.

Bill Roedy at Westminster College Emerson Center for Leadership and Service

Center for Engaging the World

One arm of the The Churchill Institute is the Center for Engaging the World. The Center promotes international education for all students through such programs as the transnational studies major, cross-cultural experiences on campus and both study abroad and overseas internship opportunities.

Emerson Center for Leadership & Service

Working in conjunction with the Center is the Bill Emerson Center for Leadership & Service, which offers the practical application of international education through extensive leadership education and training coupled with both local and international service experiences.

Westminster students can earn a leadership major or a leadership minor.

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