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Online Summer Courses

Seize the Summer at Westminster!
Why not add an online course to your summer plans? Westminster summer courses are a great opportunity to earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate.

On-Line Summer Session 2015
June 1 - July 10

Online classes will provide the opportunity for students to complete course work from home. Courses are open to the public in addition to current Westminster students.

Available Courses

ACC 216-O, Principles of Managerial Accounting (Bartley)
ACC 300-O, Forensic Accounting (Bartley)
BUS 220-O, Fundamentals of Management (Eames)
BUS 326-O, Human Resource Management (Eames)
BUS 327-O, Operations Management (Phelps)
BUS 330-O, Advertising (Carner)
BUS 334-O, Consumer Behavior (Carner)
CHM 105-O, Introduction to Chemistry (Halsey)
CLA 215-O, Mythology (Arft)
ECN 110-O, Introduction to Economics (Tompson-Wolfe)
ECN 211-O, Principles of Macroeconomics (Staff)
EDU/PSY 221-O, Education Psychology (Cowles)
EDU 230-O, Child & Adolescent Growth and Development (Aulgur)
EDU 385-O, Diversity in Education (Serota)
EDU 392-O, Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (Bumgarner)
ENG 239-O, American Literature since the Civil War (Brenegan)
FRE 280-O, Introduction to French Literature & Culture (in English) (Ilinca)
GOG 101-O, Introduction to Geography (Concannon)
HES 240-O, Introduction to Public Health (Stevens)
HES 251-O, Introduction to Nutrition (Stevens)
HIS 103-O, U.S. History to 1877 (Boulton)
HIS 110-O, World History II (Brown)
HIS 350-O, The Vietnam Wars: Nation in Conflict, 1945-1995 (Boulton)
HUM 277-O, Spanish Civilization (Flores-Paez)
MAT 114-O, Introduction to Statistics (Majerus)
MAT 122-O, Business Calculus (Nichols)
MUS 205-O, Music in the Western World (Sexton)
PHL 101-O, Introduction to Philosophy (Finch)
PHL/REL 102-O, World Religions (W. Miller)
POL 300-O, National Security Law (Gibson)
PSY 113-O, Psychology as a Social Science (Brunner)
REL 200-O, Harry Potter and Religion (Ghan)
SCA 111-O, Introduction to Sociology (Wilson)
SPE/WGS 203-O Interpersonal Communication (Hardeman)
WGS 210-O, Introduction to Women's Studies (Brown)

Registration Information

Current Westminster students: register in MyWC
Students entering Westminster College in fall 2015: register here
Students from other colleges/universities: register here

Contact: Phyllis Masek, Registrar
Phone: 573.592.5213

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