Asian Summer Experience 

For High School Students Interested in Global Affairs
Online course from
June 2 - July 11, 2014

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Why the Asian Summer Experience?
Enjoy learning about the history, traditions, politics, government, popular culture, and
current issues of a variety of Asian cultures.  In the process we will...
  • Gain a broader awareness of intellectual and cultural diversity.
  • Develop an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures.
  • Evaluate our role in the global community.

The Core Course: ASN 201 Asian Studies - Taught Online by Westminster College Professor Hank Landry.

The Experience: Two On-Campus Seminars on Asian Studies

The Result: 3 Hours of College Credit for $300, Offered to Rising Juniors and Seniors and Recent Graduates

Cost: $100 per credit hour for a total of $300; no additional cost for on-campus seminars.

Qualifications: Junior status or above as of August 2014 (minimum GPA 3.0).

Bonus: Area high school students who complete at least 6 hours of dual-enrollment courses through
Westminster qualify for a renewable $1000 Dual-Enrollment Award if they attend WC as a full-time freshman. ASN 201 counts as a dual-enrollment course.

Note: The two on-campus seminars (to be scheduled once the class is assembled) are not required, but provided to enhance your online experience through discussion, media presentations, and Asian Cuisine.