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For Families

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Who is a Friendship Family?

A Friendship Family is…

  • A host family that commits to spending time with their student(s) frequently, especially for the first year the student is in Fulton.
  • A support network and place of warmth for students who do not get to see their own families for extended periods of time.
  • Open to learning about new cultures, languages, food and traditions, and also willing to share their culture with the students.
  • Willing to open their home to students for family dinners or gatherings, and enjoy activities such as taking them fishing, attending events on campus, visiting landmarks in Mid-Missouri, etc.

*Please be aware that most international or out-of-state students do not have their own vehicles. Arrangement of transportation to and from campus might be ncessary to meet with your students.

Sharing CultureWhat can you get out of being involved as a host family?

  • A continuing in-depth relationship with international/out of state students
  • Involvement with different cultures
  • Learn and acknowledge information about foreign countries
What FFP is not
  • Students do not stay with their host families, since they have their own residential arrangement on campus
  • Families do not need to assist in financial difficulties, for instance signing loans or utilities
  • The families are not expected to help with legal or immigration matters

ConnectivityWhat will the students do for you?

  • Introduce their culture and country
  • Invite you to Westminster College events
What can you do for the students?
  • Interact informally with them
  • Introduce them to your friends and relatives
  • Invite them to community events
  • Show concern for them in human ways

How can my family become a Friendship Family?

Complete a Family Application and return it to the Office of Multicultural Student Development, located in the Hunter Activity Center at Westminster College. Click on the application link above. Given that the safety of our students is our main concern, personal references are required in this application.

If chosen as a Friendship Family, we will pair you with the students in the fall, and will contact you regarding the Meet and Greet Event, where you will have the chance to meet your new students!

Suggestions for Establishing Good Communication

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