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For Students

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Who are the students?

A Friendship Family Student is one of the following:

  • An international student who is from a different country, and likely to be at Westminster for 4 years.
  • An international student from one of our exchange schools (usually from Korea, France, or UK) who will be at Westminster for 6-12 months.
  • An out-of-state student who does not have family nearby and lives too far away to go home on short school breaks.

Sharing CultureWhat will having a host family mean to you?

  • A continuing in-depth relationship with concerned adults
  • Involvement with warm and friendly American family
  • Help in getting over the initial period of 'culture shock'
  • Assistance in finding your way and getting acquainted with Fulton and nearby towns
  • A practical cure for loneliness and homesickness

What can you do for the families?
  • Introduce your culture and country, share your photos or slides from home
  • Give maps and postcards of your country
  • Visit together a store that sells things from your country
  • Explain national holidays when they occur, discuss current events in your country
  • Play music or songs from your country, and dress in your national dress
  • Invite them to Westminster College events
Trip with host family

What will the families do for you?

  • Interact informally with you
  • Show concern for you in human ways
  • Invite you to community events
  • Introduce you to friends and relatives
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