Freshmen Applicants 

Your freshman year of college can be one of the most exciting times of your life. From the second you step foot into your very own dorm room to the thrill of sitting in on your first college class, your first year at Westminster is only the start to an unforgettable experience filled with dedication, curiosity, passion, and self-discovery.

Freshmen love Westminster because:

  • With only 16 students per class, Westminster freshmen are given invaluable individualized attention and the opportunity to build close relationships with their professors.
  • From student government activities to Greek life, Westminster freshmen can choose from a number of student-run clubs and organizations to get involved with.
  • The Westminster Seminar, a first-year program designed to help new students transition from high school to college, provides freshmen with mentorship, ways to participate on campus, and an introduction to leadership opportunities.
  • Because Westminster has freshman-only residence halls, freshmen are bound to meet new students and make new friends in dorms, classes, and campus clubs!

As a Westminster student, you’ll have access to incredible academic and personal resources, designed to help smooth the transition between your high school years and your college career. With support and individualized attention from counselors and professors alike, you’ll be more than ready to turn toward your future and excel in every sense of the word.

Become a leader, build relationships with our talented faculty, make new friends, and discover your dreams! Here at Westminster, you’ll soon find that your freshman year is only the first step toward a lifelong journey that is nothing less than transformative.

Freshmen Applicants - Westminster College