Cost/Financial Aid/Employment

Financial Aid for International Students is based on academic merit, financial need and the potential to make a difference as a leader at Westminster College.  The financial aid awards can range from $1,000 to half-tuition each year.  College employment awards allow a student to work on campus up to 20 hours per week to help cover their educational expenses.  Learn more about the cost of attending Westminster College here

Once the Faculty Admissions Committee has granted admission to an international student, the Financial Aid Committee will determine the student’s eligibility for financial aid.  To do this, the international student must submit an International Student Financial Aid Form and supporting documentation.

In some cases, you may be authorized to work off-campus. You must have written authorization from USCIS prior to obtaining employment.

International students who have held student status for a minimum of one year may also be eligible for CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), or Severe Economic Hardship.

For more details concerning any of the above, contact Courtney Richter, Director of International Student Services at 573-592-5182.

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