MIS 201 Introduction to Information Systems
MIS 202 Introduction to Information Systems Lab (1 hr)
MIS 210 Spreadsheet Applications in Business
MIS 220 People and Information
The capstone course "Information Systems for Strategic Advantage" (under development)

Total 13 hrs.


The students must take 4 MIS/IT/CS electives. There are three areas of Concentration, depending on whether the student would be interested in a managerial focus, a more applications-oriented "technical" focus, or in a more theoretical (Decision Science, Systems Theory, or Computer
Science) focus:

Electives recommended for a managerial focus:
MIS 360 Decision Science

The rest of these courses are under development. See Professor Phelps for scheduling. Topics will include:
Knowledge Management, Simulation and System Dynamics, Ecommerce

Electives recommended for a technical focus:

An MIS course in E-commerce (under development)

CSC 104 Programming Logic and Design
CSC 232 Computer Networking
CSC 205 Visual Basic Programming
CSC 305 Hardware and Troubleshooting
CSC 411 Topics in Programming
CSC 427 Client/server and Web-based Information Systems

Electives recommended for a theoretical focus:

MIS 360 Decision Science
An MIS course on Simulation and System Dynamics (under development)
CSC 104 Programming Logic and Design
MAT 122 Calculus for the Social and Life Sciences
CSC 111-211 Fundamentals of Computer Science I-II
MAT 215 Linear Algebra
MAT 313 Mathematical Probability and Statistics

Total 12 hrs.

Relationship with other Disciplines

MIS majors need to be able to address business problems and concerns, understand how people process information and make decisions, analyze and design decision support systems, and communicate with diverse audiences including IT practitioners, end users, and managers. Therefore, the major requires coursework in a variety of disciplines.

Other required courses:

MAT 114 Elementary Statistics 3 hrs.
ACC 215 Principles of Financial Accounting 4 hrs.
BUS 220 Fundamentals of Management 3 hrs.
CSC 327 Database Management Systems 3 hrs.
CSC 350 Systems Analysis and Design 3 hrs.

2 Business electives from: 6 hrs
BUS 250 Principles of Marketing
BUS 318 Corporate Financial Management
BUS 326 Human Resources Management
BUS 327 Production Management

1 Organizational Behavior / Communication Electives from: 3 hrs
BUS 221 Management Practice and Organizational Behavior
PSY 241 Industrial / Organizational Psychology
PSY 310 Social Psychology
SPE 203 Interpersonal Communication
SPE 310 Business and Professional Communication
LST 205 Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Total 25 hrs.

Total Hours 50 hrs.