Mathematical Sciences - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

 Why Study Mathematics at Westminster College?
  • Mathematics is a key component of the educational background of all students.
  • The ability to think critically, analyze data, and be quantitatively literate are necessary skills in any discipline.
  • The study of statistics and calculus is part of Westminster’s Foundational Tier requirements and helps students apply mathematics in their majors.
  • Courses encourage the use of technology and team work, emphasizing TI graphing calculators and software.
Major Highlights

A mathematics major will study analytic geometry, probability and 2009 Graduatesstatistics, analysis, differential equations and much more.  Students will also have the opportunity to do independent research over the summer or during the year and present their findings at our Undergraduate Scholars Forum, a day when classes are suspended for the entire Westminster community to view research projects, presentations, and readings.

Math ClassCool Classes
All senior math majors take a course to prepare for a national level mathematics competition such as the Putnam Exam.  Students will get a feel for what it is like to approach difficult problems with little direction and need to apply the math they have learned to a broad array of problems that require strong background and ingenuity.

Other Experiences

Students can participate in mathematics competitions such as the Putnam Examination or the Mathematical Contest in Modeling.  Qualifying mathematics majors are also invited to join Pi Mu Epsilon, a nationally charted honor society dedicated to the advancement of mathematics.

Career Opportunities

Those who pursue a major in mathematics have a variety of options open to them.  Westminster graduates have gone on to study fields such as applied mathematics, physics, economics, actuarial sciences, secondary education, and computer science.  Many students begin graduate studies, enter the field of education, or move into the areas of statistics or actuarial science.  In fact, mathematician, actuary, and statistician are the top three rated jobs you can have.

Student Quote

“Westminster gave me a wonderful foundation in the sciences.  The breadth of courses that I took gave me a well-rounded education that taught me to think creatively and apply the concepts I learned to real life.  In addition, I learned how to be a leader through the close community and activities that were offered.  These things, as well as the support I received from the professors, have set me apart from other math students from larger universities.  I am proud to have gone to such a distinguished school.”   Shawn Campbell, ‘08

Department Faculty
Ms. Mary Majerus (Associate Professor)
Dr. Christopher Saunders, Chair (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Erin Martin (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Angela Bowzer (Assistant Professor)
Mr. Micah James (Instructor)

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Saunders, Chair, at 573-592-6128 or