Requirements for the Major in Philosophy
Either PHL 218 Introduction to Logic or
PHL 224 Formal Logic   3 hrs
PHL 221 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 3 hrs
PHL 222 History of Modern Philosophy   3 hrs
Philosophy Electives 18 hrs
Total Hours 27 hrs


Any course with a PHL prefix may be counted toward the philosophy major. In addition two courses that fit both of the following criteria may also be counted toward the philosophy major.

  1.  The course is deemed to have a strong philosophical content and/or methodology as determined by the chair of Classics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies;
  2. The course is either REL 102, World Religions, or is an upper level course in Religion, Political Science, Environmental Studies, English, Psychology, or Sociology/Anthropology.

Majors must earn a grade of C or better in all courses used to satisfy major requirements. Philosophy majors who intend to pursue graduate study in philosophy are strongly advised to take at least two courses in a foreign language in which there is a significant body of philosophical literature. Such a major's choice of foreign language should be discussed with a member of the department.