Requirements for the Major in Business Administration

All business administration majors must complete ACC 215 and 216, ECN 211 and 212, and MAT 114 and achieve junior standing before registering for any 300- or 400- level courses in accounting, business administration, or economics.

ACC 215 Principles of Financial Accounting 4 hrs
ACC 216 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4 hrs
BUS 220 Principles of Management 3 hrs
BUS 250 Principles of Marketing 3 hrs
BUS 318 Corporate Financial Management 3 hrs
BUS 450 Business Policy 3 hrs
One of the following courses:
BUS 327 Production Management 3 hrs
MIS 360 Decision Science 3 hrs
ECN 351 Manageria Economics 3 hrs

Business administration, economics, and accounting electives
(at least six hours must be business courses)

12 hrs
Total Hours 35 hrs
Other Required Courses:
ECN 211 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hrs
ECN 212 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hrs
MAT 114 Elementary Statistics 3 hrs
MAT 122 Calculus for the Social and Life Sciences or
MAT 124 Calculus I
3-5 hrs
SPE 101 Introduction to Speech Communications 3 hrs
One of the following MIS classes
MIS 201 Introduction to Information Systems taken with:
MIS 202 Intro to MIS LAB or
MIS 210 Spreadsheet Applications in Business or
MIS 220 People and Information
3-4 hrs
Total Hours 18-20 hrs

Majors must have at least a 2.00 grade point average in all accounting,
business administration, management information systems (MIS), and
economics courses needed to satisfy major requirements. If BUS 327 is
taken as a required course, it may not also be counted as an elective in the
Management concentration. If ECN 351 is chosen, it may not also be
counted as upper-level hours outside the major subject.

*Majors may use the elective courses to specialize in one of four areas of concentration: finance, marketing, management of entrepreneurial studies.

Areas of Concentration

Business administration majors may select any accounting, business,
economics, or MIS courses to fulfill the elective requirements in the
major; however, a minimum of two electives must be business courses.
Majors may use the elective courses to specialize in one of four areas of
concentration: finance, marketing, management, or entrepreneurial
studies. The first three areas of concentration each have a core course
included among the courses specifically required for the major. The
student completes one of these areas of concentration by taking three or
more elective courses within the chosen area of concentration as listed
below. The entrepreneurial studies concentration has a required course
and three electives, as follows:

Finance Concentration

BUS 230 Personal Finance
BUS 328 Managerial Finance
BUS 350 Investments
ECN 310 International Trade & Finance
ECN 316 Public Finance
ECN 325 Money and Banking 

Marketing Concentration

BUS 330 Advertising
BUS 334 Consumer Behavior
BUS 340 International Business
ENG 260 Introduction to Journalism
SPE 203 Interpersonal Communication
SPE 310 Business and Professional Communication

Management Concentration 

BUS 221 Management Practice and Organizational Behavior
BUS 225 Entrepreneurship
BUS 326 Personnel Management
BUS 337 Labor Relations
PSY 241 Industrial/OrganizationalPsychology
SPE 203 Interpersonal Communication
SPE 310 SPE 310 Professional Communication

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Required: BUS 225 Entrepreneurship
Electives - choose 3
BUS 223 Business Law
BUS 230 Personal Finance
MIS 201 Management Information Systems
Taken with MIS 202 Intro to MIS Lab
BUS 399 Internship
SPE 310 Business and ProfessionalCommunication

Business majors may also take PHL 244 Business Ethics and SCA 352
Economy and Society and count them as electives in the major.