Education - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

Why Study Education at Westminster?

  • Develop a passion for subjects you love, an enjoyment oEducation Majorf sharing knowledge with others, and a responsibility for making a difference in the lives of young people.
  • Build your leadership skills and character and gain an understanding in academic areas you need for a world community view.
  • Discover a lifelong love of learning and the depth of academic and practical knowledge needed for success.

Major Highlights

CircusAs an education major, you will receive personal attention within a learning community that encourages you to develop critical thinking, creative sensibility, and communication arts to share ideas and to understand others as they teach and learn in a global, technological society.  Your general education requirements will provide you with understanding in the academic areas all educated people need to know.  Your educational foundation courses will explore the current issues and philosophical bases for teaching and learning.  Methods courses will help you discover the best ways to teach and help others learn.  Your professors will draw on current research and extensive experience to make course work meaningful and strive to demonstrate attitudes and practices that will serve as examples for your future classrooms.

Cool Classes

You will focus on real world success immediately, spending time in K-Education Major12 classrooms from the beginning of your freshman year.  As a part of your hands on education, you will have opportunities to become involved in local preschool, elementary, middle, and secondary programs throughout your major to find out what works best in this demanding, but rewarding field.  The first priority of the Westminster education faculty is teaching, not research.  What better place to study the art of education than a college where education is the keystone?  Your classes will be small and intimate enough that you will receive the attention of first class instruction.  Also, Westminster’s focus on interaction and leadership means in all of your classes you will act as an instructor to your peers at some point.

Other Experiences

You will receive a Missouri Initial Professional Teaching Certificate.  This certificate is recognized by all other states, as a basis for their own licensing procedures and graduates easily obtain certificates for any state where they may wish to teach.  Recent graduates are teaching in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa, Florida, Massachusetts,  California, Virginia, Kansas, Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and South Carolina as well as Japan and Great Britain.

Career Opportunities

Many Missouri school districts recognize Westminster graduates as being exceptionally well prepared and are anxious to hire student teachers from the program.  The department maintains an excellent hiring rate for its graduates, not only for teaching jobs, but other related fields such as business training and personnel management, public policy, child advocacy, and other social service related fields. 

Student Quotes

“The professors at Westminster are unique.  I don’t think I could find a better group to show and teach me what being a good teacher is all about.  Each one has brought something different and unique to my education.  They gave me confidence in my abilities and myself as a pre-service teacher.”  Amanda McCormack, ‘03


You can earn a Bachelor of Arts with majors offered in Early Childhood (birth-grade 3), Elementary (grades 1-6), Middle School (grades 5-9), and Secondary (grades 9-12).  Secondary certification content areas are: mathematics, social sciences, biology, physics, chemistry or general science, English, business, and physical education.  Physical education also has a K-12 endorsement.  Middle school majors are encouraged to have two areas of content concentration selected from English, science, social sciences, and mathematics.  Each concentration area consists of at least 21 hours.   Elementary majors must have at least one area of concentration of 21 hours chosen from mathematics, social sciences, science or English.

For more information, please contact Dr. Linda Aulgur
     Phone Number: 573-592-6227