Minor Requirements 

Requirements for the Minor in French

FRE 280 Introduction to French Literature 3 hrs
FRE 303 Advanced Conversation 3 hrs
FRE 306 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3 hrs
Plus one of the following courses:
HUM 294 Introduction to French-Speaking World 3 hrs
FRE 362 French-Speaking Cultures and Civilizations 3 hrs
Electives (6 hours)
FRE 203 Intermediate French I 3 hrs
FRE 204 Intermediate French II 3 hrs
FRE 305 Commercial French 3 hrs
FRE 360 Literary Moments and Movements 3 hrs
FRE 361 Literature and Culture 3 hrs
Courses taken on an approved study abroad program may be substituted for elective hours with departmental approval.
Total Hours 18 hrs