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Why Study Physical Education at Westminster?

  • Fulton Public School YouthDiscover how physical activity impacts all areas of human development: intellectual, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and well being.
  • Explore the hows and whys of motor skill development and exercise for fitness and sports training.
  • Learn to teach children and adults how to safely exercise for growth and development and a lifetime of health and fitness.

Major Highlights

As a physical education major, you will develop the expertise and motivation necessary to contribute to the health and physical education profession.  Our physical education Learning Games with Fulton Public School Youthmajors Inspire, Perspire, and Aspire.  They inspire others to become healthy and active by sharing their expertise, by living healthy and active lives, and dedicating themselves to their profession and those they serve.  Our majors perspire because their work is other people’s play.  The activities may look like fun and games (and they are!) but they are even more.  Our majors aspire because they contribute to a healthier community through physical activity, teaching, and health promoting programs.

Cool Classes 

  • Ready.  Set.  Action!  Students create instructional films for professional development such has an exercise video for elderly adults or how to teach bowling to a person with disabilities.
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.  Hear what Fulton Public School students say about physical activity in their community and what makes them healthy in this Photovoice Project in conjunction with the Fulton Public Schools!
  • Adapted Physical Education.   Work Learning Games with Fulton Public School Youthwith athletes at Special Olympics and the Missouri School for the Deaf.
  • Learning IS Fun and Games!  Create health education games to share with elementary school children in the Fulton Public Schools.

Other Experiences

As a physical education major, you can attend the Missouri Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance annual meeting and present your projects and research at our state professional conference.

Career Opportunities

Our majors become physical education teachers pursue graduate study Learning Games with Fulton Public School Youthin exercise science, and work in fields such as sport management, allied health professions (athletic training, physical therapy, and occupational therapy), and personal training.  Some of our graduates include Seth Womack, a college coach in Oklahoma; Justin Conyers, Assistant Head Coach/PE at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, MO; Amy (Hill) , Head Volleyball Coach and Physical Education at Russellville High School in MO; Chris Barton, Sports Director at the YMCA in Jefferson City, MO; and Jessie Cobb, Softball, Basketball, and Golf Coach and Physical Education at Montgomery City, MO.

Student Quote

“I feel I got one of the best physical education degrees for the money and have no regrets because of the help of you and your staff.”  Josh Wiltfong,  ’10

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