Requirements for the Major in Physics

PHY 201 Physics I   4 hrs
PHY 212 Physics II   4 hrs
PHY 223 Physics III   3 hrs
PHY 314 Thermodynamics*   4 hrs
PHY 315 Modern Physics*   4 hrs
PHY 324 Light or
PHY 325 Electronics   4 hrs
PHY 415-416 Introduction to Theoretical Physics 8 hrs
Total Hours 31 hrs
Physical Chemistry I and II (CHM 424, 425, 434, and 435) may be
substituted for PHY 314 Thermodynamics and PHY 315 Modern Physics. Majors must earn a grade of C or better in all physics courses needed to satisfy major requirements.
Mathematics through MAT 312 Differential Equations 21-24 hrs
CHM 114, 115 General Chemistry I (lecture and lab)   4 hrs
CHM 124, 125 General Chemistry II (lecture and lab)   4 hrs
One of the following three requirements:   6-8 hrs
  • Completion of a two-semester sequence of courses in French or
    German, or certification of reading knowledge in one of these
    languages by the Department of FLL
  • CSC 111 Fundamentals of Computer Science I and MAT 325
    Introduction to Numerical Analysis.
  • Six hours of computer science including CSC 111 Fundamentals
    of Computer Science I.
Total Hours 36-48 hrs