Requirements for the Major in Psychology

PSY 112 Psychology as a Natural Science 3 hrs
PSY 113 Psychology as a Social Science 3 hrs
PSY 270 Research Tools 2 hrs
PSY 274 Methods in Experimental Psychology 3 hrs
PSY 290 Biological Psychology 3 hrs
Three of the Following:
PSY 303 Principles of Conditioning 3 hrs
PSY 310 Social Psychology 3 hrs
PSY 312 Developmental Psychology 3 hrs
PSY 315 Psychology of Personality 3 hrs
PSY 320 Memory and Cognition 3 hrs
PSY 370 Sensation and Perception 3 hrs
PSY 411 Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs
Two of the Following Laboratories:
PSY 311 Social Psychology Laboratory 1 hr
PSY 313 Developmental Laboratory 1 hr
PSY 321 Memory and Cognition Laboratory 1 hr
PSY 371 Sensation and Perception Laboratory 1 hr
A Senior Capstone:
PSY 422 Senior Seminar or both 3 hrs
PSY 430 Pre-Thesis and 3 hrs
PSY 431 Senior Thesis 3 hrs
Psychology electives 9 hrs
Total Hours 38-41 hrs

Both PSY 112 and PSY 113 must be completed before a student will be permitted to declare a major in psychology. Majors are strongly urged to take a biology course, either BIO 105, BIO 108 or BIO 112, and MAT 114 Elementary Statistics to complete general education requirements. No more than six credit hours of PSY 398 Independent Study may be counted towards meeting major requirements and only three credit hours from 200 level electives may be counted toward the major. Majors must earn a grade of C or better in all psychology courses needed to satisfy major requirements. PSY 422 or PSY 431 must be taken while enrolled at Westminster.