Psychology - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

Why Study Psychology at Westminster?

  • Discover how the principles and theories of psychology come alive in small classes with a lot of individual attention from four full-time professors.
  • Study a wide variety of subjects, ranging from human sexual behavior to addictions, visual illusions, autism, prejudice, or love.
  • Prepare to use psychology in the 21st century through varied classroom activities, laboratories, internships, and senior thesis experiences.
  • Enjoy research opportunities in classes and labs so you stand apart from other students in gaining employment or applying to graduate schools.
  • Learn to excel in communication and interpersonal skills.

Major Highlights

Psychology is a dynamic and diverse scientific field of study in which you can study phenomena ranging from brain imaging of learning, thinking, and memory to the properties of emotions, from the effects of genes to the expression of love, from the roles of hormones to the mysteries of human development, from the study of the human evolution to the complexities of schizophrenia.  Westminster offers a wide range of classes that cover all of those topics in classes where full time professors bring the topic to life in classes of less than 20 students.  Ruggers Recommendations on the Colleges has recognized Westminster’s program as one of the premier undergraduate psychology programs in the country.

Cool Classes

You can train Sniffy the computerized rat, play Simon to evaluate short term memory, play Quake and other 3D games to learn about perception, use scientific reasoning to figure out whether a computerized tree will grow, and utilize computer programs to assess your personality traits.

Other Experiences

Psychology majors have the opportunity to distinguish themselves on a national level.  Past students have participated in the prestigious Summer Science Institute hosted by the American Psychological Association, have won National Science Foundation awards, conducted medical research at the St. Louis University School of Medicine, and participated in APA’s Advanced Statistics Institute in Washington, D.C. The best students have the opportunity to join the national honor society in psychology, Psi Chi, and juniors and seniors are eligible for the annual Margaret McDonald Jaeger Award, which provides both scholarship money for undergraduate study and fellowship money for graduate study in psychology.   Because several facilities are located in Fulton, Westminster students have unique internship opportunities at the Missouri School for the Deaf, The Fulton State (mental) Hospital, Biggs Forensic Center, and the Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center for the assessment of male, State-of-Missouri prisoners. 

Career Opportunities?

  • Job opportunities for psychologists are projected to grow 15% through 2016—faster than the average for all other professions.
  • Psychology majors often pursue advanced training to be clinical psychologists, counselors, school psychologists, industrial/organizational psychologists, and other psychology fields.
  • 50% of Westminster psychology majors attend prestigious graduate programs at schools such as Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, and Washington University.
  • A psychology major might pursue neuroscience or psychiatry.
  • A Westminster psychology degree is great preparation for graduate programs in law, business, theology, medicine, and the health professions such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology.

Quote from Student

“As a student with a bachelor’s in psychology and business administration from Westminster, many aspects of the curriculum such as thesis experience, presentation opportunities, and a plethora of papers helped me to surpass the experience level of many of my colleagues in graduate school initially.  While the learning environment at Westminster was quite impressive, the professors stood out the most for me as they are truly concerned with the success of each and every student.  For example, my thesis advisor not only assisted me in the obstacles I encountered in my work, but wrote my reference letter for graduate school and helped me to grow professionally through an abundance of feedback pertaining to career goals and pathways, projects, and presentations.  Overall, my experience at Westminster, academically and socially, helped me to not only expand my basic knowledge but enhanced my interpersonal and speaking skills as well as professionalism.”---Ashley Crow, ’06

For more information, contact Dr. Ted Jaeger, Chair of the Psychology Department, at 573-592-6120.