Self Designed Major - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

 Self-Designed Course of Study

Students with particular interests may prefer to design their own program of study in concert with a team of teacher-scholars. Westminster's Self- Designed Major/Minor allows a student to design a personalized program drawing upon the strengths of several disciplines and departments. For example, students have designed individualized programs of study through the Self-Designed Major leading to majors in advertising, classics, business communication, public relations, and sports medicine. If the Self-Designed Major is approved, completion will satisfy the general degree requirement for a major. All other degree requirements must be fulfilled.

To complete an individualized degree program through the Self-Designed Major program, a student identifies a faculty advisor and two other faculty members, representing at least two academic divisions; this group constitutes the "committee." The student, with the aid of the committee, develops a proposal for a major under the Self-Designed Major program. One of the members of the committee must be designated as the student's official advisor. The proposal should consist of a general description of and justification for the alternative major and should indicate specific courses to be taken. Generally, a student will begin the work under the Self-Designed Major after the freshman year, but in no case later than the start of the second semester of the junior year. The committee must meet with the student at least once each semester to review progress. A minimum of three semesters must be spent working under an approved plan. A similar process is required for a Self-Designed Minor. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

The student must secure the approval of the Associate Dean of Faculty for the proposed course of study. All proposals and revisions must have the approval of the Associate Dean. Upon satisfactory completion of the work prescribed in a student's plan, the student will be certified as having met the graduation requirement for a major.

Dr. Linda Webster, Associate Dean of Faculty
Phone: (573) 592-5288