Transnational Studies 

Transnational Studies is a new academic departure and one that moves beyond the traditional notion implied by international studies to a focus on issues that transcend political borders. The challenge of the future is to identify global problems that exceed both nations and nationalities, and then to develop students’ competency to discover interdisciplinary and flexible solutions. This major program is at the heart of developing leaders in a global community—and for a global community.

Professors: M. Amspoker, H. Del Porto, S. Goodfellow, W. Guinee, K. Jefferson (Chair), R. Lael, C. Perry, W. Zade

Associate Professors: T. Buckley, C. Cain, A. Goldin, R. Hansen

Assistant Professors: R. Bhandari, C. Brown, C. Dennison, S. Divine,
R. Havers, S. Mansoor, J. McRae

Visiting Instructor: H. Landry

Contact: Professor Kurt Jefferson, Director
Center for Engaging the World and Program Coordinator and Chair,
Transnational Studies Major
Phone: (573) 592-5266 Fax: (573) 592-5191


Requirements for the Major in Transnational Studies
INT/TNS 201 Introduction to International/
Transnational Studies
3 hrs
INT/TNS 400 Junior-Senior Seminar in International
And Transnational Studies
3 hrs
INT/TNS 400 International/Transnational Studies
Senior Thesis (optional)*
3 hrs
FL 102 Second semester of a foreign language (same
language as first semester language)
4 hrs
Global Economic Development
At least one course from the following list:
ECN 212 Principles for Microeconomics
3 hrs
ECN 331 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 3 hrs 
ECN 334 Economic Development 3 hrs
ECN 310 International Trade and Finance 3 hrs
BUS 340 International Business 3 hrs
Environment and Health
At least one course from the following list:
BIO 320 and BIO 321 Biology in Belize 4 hrs
GEO 320 Geology and Environment of the National
Parks Seminar
3 hrs
ENV 105 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 3 hrs
POL 326 Environmental Politics and Policy 3 hrs
REL 324 Spiritual Ecology 3 hrs
ECN 300 Environmental Economics 3 hrs
PHL 246 Environmental Ethics 3 hrs
SCA 348 Medical Anthropology 3 hrs
WGS/PED 355 Women’s Health Issues 3 hrs
Global Justice and Human Rights
At least one course from the following list:
POL 305 International Law and Organization 3 hrs
LST 300 Social Justice and Leadership 3 hrs
ITS 399 Global Human Rights Internship 3 hrs
LST 300/400 Global Social Justice Practicum 2-3 hrs
WGS 210 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3 hrs
SCA 325 Tribal Survival 3 hrs
HIS 356/WGS 356 European Women 3 hrs
HIS 327 Nazi Germany 3 hrs
PHL 224 Business Ethics 3 hrs
International Relations and Diplomacy
At least one course from the following list:
POL 212 Introduction to International Politics 3 hrs
POL 362 American Foreign Policy 3 hrs
HIS 348 History of American Foreign Relations 3 hrs
INT 210 Model United Nations 2 hrs
INT 212 Model UN Team 2 hrs
INT 214 Model UN Practicum (mentoring) 1 hr
HIS 330 WWI 3 hrs
HIS 350 The Vietnam Wars 3 hrs
POL 300 iddle Eastern Politics 3 hrs
POL 306 West European Government and Politics 3 hrs
Global Cultures
At least one course from the following list:
REL 102 World Religions 3 hrs
REL 330 Religions and Cultures of India 3 hrs
POL 201 Asian Studies 3 hrs
HIS 279 African Civilization 3 hrs
HIS 267 Latin American History and Culture 3 hrs
HIS 323 Europe Since 1945 3 hrs
HUM 278 Latin American Civilization 3 hrs
HUM 294 Introduction to the French-Speaking World 3 hrs
FRE 362 French-Speaking Cultures and Civilizations 3 hrs
SCA 115 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 hrs
SCA 334 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion 3 hrs
SCA 351 Theories of Culture 3 hrs
SCA 352 Economy and Society 3 hrs
PSY 405 International and Cross Cultural Psychology 3 hrs
HUM 277 Spanish Civilization 3 hrs
GOG 101 Introduction to Geography 3 hrs
ENG 330 Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature 3 hrs
MUS 304 Jazz in Japan 3 hrs
PHL 410 Asian Philosophy 3 hrs
Total Hours Required 36-39 Hours

Other Requirements for the major in Transnational Studies:
  1. Students must complete the first year of language instruction (both semesters in the same language) or demonstrate equivalent proficiency.
  2. Five additional courses two of which must be in one
    category 15 hrs.
  3. At least 24 hours must be upper-level (300 or higher)
    Students must earn at least a C grade in each course needed to satisfy the major requirements.

*Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher may elect to write a senior thesis for honors recognition. ―Graduated with Honors‖ will be
noted on their transcript provided they complete the thesis with a grade of B or better. Students writing a thesis will complete TNS 400 (soon to be 401), Senior Seminar and TNS 400 (soon to be 402), Senior Thesis during their senior year.

All students are required to present a portfolio of their work, containing at least three papers or comparable projects submitted for courses in the
major as well as a reflective piece on how the student has integrated the
different components of the major. One paper or project must be from the Senior Seminar, and another must be from an upper-level course. The portfolio will be part of the senior seminar, INT/TNS 400.
Students may substitute experimental courses numbered 200 or 300 for
the electives listed above with permission of the program coordinator.