Pre-Law Minor 

Requirements for the Minor in Pre-Law

SPE 101 Introduction to Speech Communications or

ENG 270 Expository Writing

3 hrs

PHL 218 Introduction to Logic or

PHL 224 Formal Logic

3 hrs

BUS 223 Business Law

3 hrs

POL 314 American Constitutional Law and Politics or

HIS 349 U.S. Constitutional History

3 hrs

POL 316 American Jurisprudence

3 hrs

Total Hours

15 hrs

Elective Courses: 6 hours selected from the following courses

ITS 399 Law-Oriented Internship

3 hrs

POL 304 American Political Theory

3 hrs

POL 305 International Law and Organizations

3 hrs

SCA 330 Sociology of the Professions (Crime, Deviance, Law)

3 hrs

Total Elective Hours

6 hrs

Total Hours for Minor:

21 hrs

The Coordinator of the Legal Careers Advisory Committee will act as the Coordinator for the Pre-Law Minor.

Law-Oriented Internships must be approved by Westminster’s Internship Director. The Coordinator of the Legal Careers Advisory Committee will usually serve as the academic advisor for law-oriented internships. The law-oriented internship will typically include work with an attorney in private practice, a public defender or prosecutor, or a judicial official. Students minoring in Pre-Law and planning to attend law school are also urged to take one or more of the following courses: Principles of Accounting I (ACC 215), American Government and Politics (POL 211), Principles of Microeconomics (ECN 212), Introduction to Ethics (PHL 212), Introduction to Political Theory (POL 205), Expository Writing (ENG 270).