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Price Leadership Program, Mesa 

The Price Leadership Program is the backbone of Westminster’s leader program and is the mechanism through which students integrate their classroom learning, their co-curricular learning, and their community/world-based learning.

The Price Leadership Program combines the following elements to create a unique, intentional pathway for student success:
  • technology (e-portfolio);
  • mentoring from faculty and Westminster College alumni;
  • short-term planning with long-range envisioning;
  • individualized treatment with total student body involvement;
  • character-based learning with a liberal arts education.
Westminster is committed to a liberal arts education, one grounded in rigorous classes that stress intellectual development and critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem-solving, effective communication, and skills for life-long learning.   At the same time, Westminster acknowledges that a true liberal arts education inspires action, as our students apply their knowledge to real-world issues, actively participate in their communities, and develop into the leaders and shapers of the world to come.

The Price Leadership Program provides structure, support, and space for reflection for each student to bring that liberal arts education and real-world action together. Through the Price Leadership Program, each student will graduate with a clear, thoughtful assessment and collection of the coursework, events, classes, people, organizations and tasks that challenged them during their Westminster College experience, laying bare their journey from freshman to senior and outlining for prospective employers the type of leader of character he or she has become.