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International Business 

Why Study International Business at Westminster?

Study International Business at Westminster College MesaIf you want to make an impact in the international business world, Westminster College offers the global perspective on business, leadership, and management that will lead to your success. The field of International Business is dynamic. People define International Business. Where else can you have more of an impact on people than in a field that is people? Working together, working to support others – young people, old people, people of every background and circumstance – people make International Business study exciting, and fascinating.

Focal points for financial and other resources, businesses empower you. If you want to have an impact, go where the resources are. Some businesses have bigger annual budgets than entire countries, and the link between business and society is growing in importance as businesses are increasingly called upon to help implement government programs such as job creation and environmental initiatives. In the global area, the business sector is often used as both reward and incentive in eliciting bilateral or multilateral cooperation.

Having been the scene for international speakers and events for decades, Westminster offers the perfect environment for the study of the world as well as business. Westminster College regularly hosts prominent business leaders such as Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto Corporation, that give compelling speeches and insight into international business beyond theory.

Plus, Westminster offers a great environment for mixing with people of many cultures and political backgrounds. Sixteen percent of Westminster’s student body comes from nearly 70 different countries. The Westminster faculty, too, offers a diverse and rich experience for students as they have traveled to, studied in, and lectured in academic institutions and places throughout the world.

Every element of the International Business Program at Westminster will make you an asset to any organization. The knowledge of language, culture, business and politics that you gain will qualify you to work in a large multinational corporation, the U.S. government, or an international not-for-profit organization. The education you receive at Westminster will also place you at the forefront of applicants to any graduate school.

Major Highlights

Westminster College International Business studies reach across multiple disciplines to offer you a liberal arts program oriented in the complex world of international business. The business administration major covers all the traditional areas of study, including management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and management information systems. Other disciplines contribute required courses in statistics, calculus, and speech. Or, you can propose your own area of concentration or minor area of study to further individualize your educational experience.

Study International Business at Westminster College MesaIn addition to all of the critical functional areas of business, leadership, and management, we at Westminster recognize that understanding people is vital to success. Westminster’s International Business major will also provide you with a solid background in history, philosophy, politics, religion, sociology, and international studies. You will also have the opportunity to study a foreign language of your choice so that you will be able to effectively communicate with people of other nations. With this preparation you will be able to pursue business with a full understanding of the many cultures, rich histories, and people who affect the global community.

Cool Classes

  • Principles of Marketing—Run a Business on Campus
  • Entrepreneurship—Design Your Own Business or Help a Local Entrepreneur
  • Investments—Play the Stock Market!
  • Business Policy—Run a Simulated Global Company in Direct Competition With Other Students

Career Opportunities

International business majors are well prepared for entry into a wide variety of organizations. During your time at Westminster, you will be given the opportunity to study abroad, so you will be aware, comfortable and competent with other cultures. Just knowing a foreign language multiplies your job prospects, and more importantly, often gives your starting salary a nice hike.

An International Business Degree can make you a prime candidate for any prestigious law school. In addition, graduate programs are available across the country for further study at the masters and doctoral level. Students with graduate degrees find ready employment in business, education, research, the public sector, and/or consulting. If you want to expand your horizons and give yourself the opportunity to pursue a full and varied career, the International Business Program is for you.

Contact Information

Dr. Selcen Phelps
Associate Professor of MIS/Management, William Gordon Buckner Endowed Chair in Business, MIS program coordinator
Phone: 573-592-6320