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Transnational Studies 

Why Study Transnational Studies at Westminster?

Transnational Studies at Westminster MesaTransnational studies is a new, dynamic, and innovative academic departure that moves beyond the traditional realm of international studies to focus on issues that transcend political, economic, social, and cultural borders.

Rooted in the analysis of global affairs, the transnational studies program reflects the heart of Westminster’s mission to develop leaders in a global community. Students who complete the program will have a thorough understanding of the connection between a liberal arts education and a greater awareness of the global context in which we live.

Major Highlights

The challenge of the future is to identify global problems that exceed both nations and nation-states. Transnational studies develop students’ abilities to discover interdisciplinary and flexible approaches and solutions to global problem solving and decision-making.  Students will pursue courses in …

  • Global economic development
  • Environment and health
  • Global justice and human rights
  • International relations and diplomacy
  • International institutions
  • Global cultures

Cool Classes

Students can choose from courses dealing with such fascinating subjects as jazz in Japan, cross-cultural leadership, our award-winning Model United Nations, introduction to transnational studies, and American foreign relations.

Engaging Experiences

Experiential courses, such as Biology in Belize or trips to such exciting places such as Greece, China, Russia, and Mongolia, add a dynamic, real-world dimension to Transnational Studies at Westminster, and students are encouraged to study abroad.

All students will be required to present a portfolio of their work, containing at least three papers or comparable projects submitted for courses in the major as well as a reflective piece on how the student has integrated the different components of the major. 

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher may elect to write a senior thesis for honors recognition.

Career Opportunities

Westminster College transnational studies majors graduate with an in-depth education that uniquely prepares them for graduate school in diplomacy, work as researchers and policy analysts, or executive positions in global governance in the United Nations. Our transnational Studies majors have gone on to graduate school in diplomacy at such schools as the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and the Whitehead School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. 

Career options in global business are also popular in the transnational studies major.  Some have gone on to study international relations in graduate school at places such as the American Graduate School in Paris, Georgetown University’s Security Studies program, and the Monterrey Institute of International Studies in California.  Others are working in global health-related professions.


Dr. Kurt Jefferson
Director, Center for Engaging the World and Professor of Political Science
Phone: 573-592-5266