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 Meet Your Mesa Counselor 

Hillarie Price Hillarie Price
Regional Director of ES
Regional Office Phone in Mesa, AZ:

My regional area includes: 

   Where are you from (City/State)?

    Salt Lake City, UT


What did you study in college?
Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations;  Master of Business Administration;  Master of Arts in Education Elementary/Special Education Endorsement.

Outside of being a Counselor, what other programs or office initiatives are you involved in?
I am responsible for enrollment growth and development of the Mesa Campus initiative, in the Western States region, as well as supporting recruitment for the Fulton Campus for any students from my states who want to attend the main campus.

What’s your favorite memory of being a Counselor so far?
There are certainly many moments that stand out.  However, there is nothing like watching a student walk across the stage at graduation, eyes filled with anticipation and excitement, tears beginning to flow  in gratitude and eagerness in acceptance of their diploma.  There is such personal satisfaction in knowing that you have helped change and shape the course of someone's life for the better.

List a couple of your hobbies.
Having lived in Phoenix for over five years, I love being out in the sun, and more importantly, in the water!  When I'm not out enjoying our great weather, I can usually be found watching movies, cooking, or hanging out with my family in the backyard.

What’s one thing about your personality most people wouldn’t assume about you?
Education is my passion.  I have taught students from as young as second-grade, all the way up to the collegiate level, and I can tell you that there is power in learning! I love being in the classroom, where creativity and imagination can flourish. I am a determined, take-charge person, with a fun attitude.  I know what it takes to be successful and I especially enjoy helping others achieve that same success.