David Immanuel 

Class: So.   
Hometown: Windhoek 
High School: UWC of South East Asia 
Number: 29 
Height: 5-5 
Weight: 125 

David is the son of Abner Immanuel and Loise Negumbo and has one sibling, Renather (25). He is majoring in accounting. He would like to start several businesses in Namibia and also start an accounting firm after graduation.

Academic Accomplishments
United World College of South East Asia
David was History and Geography honor student at his high school.

Athletic Accomplishments
United World College of South East Asia
In 2013, David’s team was in the Malaysia Cup, the SCASAC Champions, and the League Champions.
In 2012, they were also the league champions and won the Colors with Distinction.
In 2011 they won the colors for their school.

Why Westminster?
“I felt that Westminster was a great match for me because I could relate to their vision and goals.”

About David
Birthday: 11/29/1993
Non-athletic talent: writing
Favorite pro athlete: Messi
Greatest invention in the last 100 years: the Internet
Person most admired: “Tobias Aupidi, he is a great leader and role model.”
Hobbies: listening to music
Dream job: accountant