Diego Vientimilla 

Class: So.   
Hometown: Vincennes, Ind. 
High School: Vincennes Lincoln 
Number: 20 
Position: MF 
Height: 5-6 
Weight: 145 

Diego is the son of Diego and Claudia Veintimilla and has three siblings, Pablo (17), MeriaClaudia (17), and Isabella (11).
He is majoring in Political Science.

Athletic Accomplishments
Vincennes Lincoln High School
Diego's team was awarded Sun Commercial All-Area Team four years in a row. He was also awarded All-Conference his junior and senior year.

Why Westminster?
"Because its far from home and the soccer team is good."

About Diego
Birthday: 12/15/1994
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite Artists: Daddy Yankee, Mac Miller, and Tyga
Person most admired: My dad because he is a hard worker.
Non-athletic talent: Whistling
Hobbies: Listening to music
My dream job: President of America