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RA Resources


Interest Survey
What kind of programs do your residents want to have? Have them fill out this interest survey at the your first floor meeting to make sure your programs target their needs and interests.

Program Planning 101
This is a resource guide with eleven steps for a successful program.

2014-2015 RA Programming Form
The programming form must be filled by RAs for a sponsored event no more than 7 days before the program.

Task Assignment Sheet
Copy of the sheet that can be found in your program planning guide above. Fill out this sheet to delegate tasks with deadlines for your program to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner.

Budgeting Sheet
Copy of the budgeting sheet in your program planning guide to help you budget out things needing to be purchased. Please turn this sheet into ResLife to get your program approved.

Resident Evaluation Sheet
Give this sheet to your residents that attend the programming event the moment they walk through the door at your program. Have them fill it out after the program and turn it back in anonymously for feedback. This MUST be done for every programming event.

Staff Program Evaluation Form
Fill out this form with ResLife staff after your program to evaluate its level of success. Be sure to turn this into ResLife after it is completed!

Room Reservations
Need to reserve a room for a program? This link will direct you to Room Reservations webpage. Please provide all requested information in your initial request. If you need to reserve Sloss Hall Lounge, email the office of Residential Life at reslife@westminster-mo.edu


The Good Roommate Guide
This resource can be given to roommates to review and go over. It reviews effective communication, how to resolve conflict, and more!

Roommate Contract
Have roommates fill this out and not just when conflicts arrive-can be proactive and have them fill it out at the beginning of their journey.

Suitemate Contract
Nice to have in the Quad, especially for LCs and LLCs.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation 101
Mediation is an often-used approach by Resident Advisors, especially in resolving roommate conflicts. This document reviews tips and techniques to host a successful mediation.


Bid Night Message (Women)
Encourage your residents to be smart and safe regarding decisions about alcohol use. Print this message and put it on bathroom doors before Bid Night.

Big Night Message (Men)
Encourage your residents to be smart and safe regarding decisions about alcohol use. Print this message and put it on bathroom doors before Bid Night.

Student Stress Calendar
How are your residents feeling? What can you expect for the month of November? This calendar outlines common student stresses month by month to help you predict student issues and perhaps design programs around.

First Floor Meeting Agenda
Don't forget to talk about this…! This agenda reviews all the important things that need to be discussed at your first floor meeting.

Check Out Schedule
Block out your study times and finals and post this on your window for residents to sign up for a time to check out of their rooms. Make sure you have each floor (top/bottom) check out with RA on their floor to avoid an overload of sign-ups with one RA.

Duty Change Request Form
Prior to any duty change, you must receive permission from your supervisor by filling out this form 48 hours in advance of the change.

Useful Websites

Resident Assistant.com

Res Life.net

RA Helper

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