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Service Release Policy

  • Every employee is eligible to take two hours paid leave per a semester during normal work hours to serve and engage in the local community. Additional hours may be approved by the supervisor for special College-related projects, so long as office workload allows it.
  • Employees interested in participating would work with Hannah Minchow-Proffitt at the Emerson Center for Leadership & Service to coordinate the service and insure that the service was performed at an approved site.
  • Approved sites would be community partners that we have an established relationship with and that have agreed to host volunteers. It is important that this be coordinated through the Emerson Center for Leadership & Service so our community partners are not overwhelmed and so the service can be verified. This will also help to mitigate risk.
  • Employees would be encouraged to attend service projects that promote relationship building with students as well as colleagues.

Possible Questions & Concerns

  • Liability: Employees would be covered under the college's insurance for approved activities/sites.
  • Transportation: Employees would be responsible for their own transportation, but there are several sites within walking distance of campus.
  • Community Partners
  • If you have a community partner/service project that you are interested in working with then please share your interest with the Emerson Center for Leadership & Service at 573-592-6213.
  • The request for additional community engagement/service release time is at the discretion of supervisors.
  • Submit your service hours on MYWC under the Service Hours tab.
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