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Interfaith Advisory Board

Dereck Alleyne:
Hey ! My name is Dereck Alleyne and I am senior here at Westminster from Barbados. I'm a Biology major, with a self-desing minor in Global Health Leadership. My faith is a pretty siginificant part of who I am, and by joining IAB, I got the chance to grow in faith by learning and experiencing different religious traditions. Being able to share my faith with the greater Westminster community has also been quite a treat !

Bongiwe Shongwe: Hello!!! My name is Bongiwe Shongwe, a senior majoring in Economics with minors in French and Mathematics.I am Catholic. Living in a diverse community, one learns about his/her surroundings, including the religious beliefs of the people in the said community. For me, IAB is the window through which I learn a little more about my surroundings. Hence, I look forward to learning with you this year.

Hannah Domino: My name is Hannah Domino and I am a senior this year. I am a practicing Catholic. This year I am the Faith and Community Worship intern. This means I am in charge of the Praise and Worship Team, and Evensong. Being able to share and spread my faith through music has been the best experience for me at Westminster! I am also involved in the Interfaith Advisory Board. It has been an amazing journey learning about different cultures and religions, while at the same time learning about my own and increasing the depth of my understanding and Faith of my own religion.

Shirshak Aryal: Hello everyone, I am Shirshak Aryal from Nepal and I am a senior at Westminster College. I am studying Biology and Mathematics here at Westminster College. I identify myself as a Spiritual person rather than follower of any religion. Hoping to have great year ahead with Interfaith.
Erin Perry: Hello, friends! My name is Erin Perry. I am a sophomore at Westminster this year, and I am the Chaplain Resident Search Coordinator in the Office, as well as helping out as much as possible with all of the Evensong and Praise & Worship Team needs. I like to climb trees, listen to Sufjan Stevens, look at tattoos on pinterest, and eat lettuce. You can always find me in Jamie's office or at EcoHouse, so please come and find me. I'll give you hugs and smiles.

Yasna Rajkarnikar: Namaste, my name is Yasna Rajkarnikar and I am a Senior. I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I am a Buddhist by religion but I also follow Hinduism as my society has been highly influenced by Hindu culture and traditions. The main reason behind me joining the Interfaith Advisory group is because I wanted to share my culture and religion with everyone here on campus and even learn about other religions represented in Westminster College. Joining IAB has helped me a lot in enhancing and understanding my religion, but has also provided me with an opportunity to learn about other religions.
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