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CEW Director pens book on Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

Fulton, Mo. - Dr. Kurt Jefferson, director of the Center for Engaging the World (CEW), has completed his second book entitled, Celtic Politics: Politics in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The book looks at politics, history, economics, and culture in the Celtic regions of the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was published in August 2011 by University Press of America (Lanham, Maryland).

It is Jefferson's second book, his first was published in 2002 (Christianity's Impact on World Politics). In Celtic Politics, Jefferson traces the development of the minority Celts in Scotland (a region of five million people) and Wales (a region of three million). He also looks at the politics and history in the Republic of Ireland and the six counties of the north, Ulster or Northern Ireland.

Jefferson has studied British politics and political parties for over 20 years and has interviewed several leaders in the devolved Scottish government in Edinburgh. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Scottish National Party, which in 1993 (when he completed his research and PhD) was a relatively minor party in British politics. In 2007, the small "third" party took power in Scotland and now runs the Scottish government as a majority party having supplanted the Scottish Labour and Liberal Democratic parties.

Jefferson has been on the Westminster faculty since 1993 and chairs the Transnational and International Studies program. He has guided the CEW since 2010. The CEW is an arm of the Churchill Institute and it exists to help students, faculty and the Westminster community appreciate and understand internationalization and globalization both on and off campus. Its programs include BA degrees in Transnational and International Studies; Model United Nations; global issues forums; the Take A Friend Home program; and radio programming on GLOBE-FM (the student-managed Internet radio station).

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