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Acceptance to the Take a Friend Home Program

Participants of the Take a Friend Home Program, as determined by the committee, should agree to the following provisions:

  1. Complete all required and necessary paperwork relating to waivers and releases.
  2. Review tentative travel itineraries / arrangements with the Director of International Programs to determine plan of action required to secure necessary immigration documents for travel, including passports and visas.
  3. Enroll in the appropriate trailer course as a part of pre-departure preparation. (See application and "General Information" on page 4 of the application.)
  4. International student participants in the Take a Friend Home Program shall agree to host their American friend for a period of 2- 3 weeks during the summer break at their home. American student participants shall agree to host their International friend in their home during an agreed upon break such as Winter break... The period of time may be a portion of the break or the entire break.
  5. Students may elect to travel together to their abroad destinations or separately as deemed necessary. Example: International student may return home for summer break and meet the American student at the arrival destination.
  6. Participants in the Take a Friend Home Program become representatives of Westminster College and should agree to conduct themselves accordingly, and should of course, respect the laws of the country in which they live and/or travel.
  7. After having the opportunity to participate in the Take a Friend Home Program and upon return to campus, participants shall assist the Director of International & Off-Campus Programs in promoting this program and other study abroad opportunities to fellow students at Westminster College. Promotion events can include, but are not limited to articles in The Columns, presentations to students, faculty, and staff, photography exhibits, website blogs, and e-mail campaigns, etc.
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