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Applications for the Take a Friend Home Program are available during International Education Week in November of each year. Completed applications are due approximately 1 week after the start of the spring semester in January.

Application/Registration Form

Students interested in applying for the Take a Friend Home Program should submit the following:

Application Checklist

  • COVER LETTER REQUIREMENT - Each team of 2 friends shall submit a collaborative cover letter to highlight the following:
    • Interest in the program, as a team
    • Details of your friendship, such as how you met, how frequently you interact, what your connection is now at the time of this application, etc.
    • Discussion of cultural exchange, specifically both similarities and difference and how each might need to prepare
  • 2-PAGE APPLICATION W/ CERTIFICATIONS (Available during International Education Week in November of each Year.)
  • ESSAY REQUIREMENT - Each member of the team should submit an essay regarding your interest in the Take Your Friend Home Program. (Total: 2 essays)
    Please be sure to highlight the following:
    • Name of student with whom you will be traveling
    • Anticipated dates of travel
    • Description of what your friend will experience during the 2- 3 weeks with you and your family (Please include specifics regarding the accommodations for you, your friend, and your family during this time period. Will your family find it challenging to host a friend for 2 ? 3 weeks? Will adequate resources be available during this time?)
    • Challenges which might arise in this experience for either you or your friend and how you would attempt to address those challenges
    • What you hope to get out of the program
    • What contributions you can make to the program and to the campus community
    • Estimated travel round-trip airfare expenses (flight to country and return)
  • STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY / ADDENDUM - May be completed at a later date
  • SIGNED PROOF OF INSURANCE STATEMENT - May be completed at a later date
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